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Operation L.O.A.D

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Aerial Skill 5 Points

For dodging an enemy bullet that destroys another enemy.

Bronze Combat Medal 5 Points

For defeating 500 basic enemies.

Outstanding Performance 5 Points

Dodge 40 enemy attacks in a single mission.

Gold Combat Medal 10 Points

For defeating 500 elite enemies.

L.O.A.D Service Medal 10 Points

Contributed to the success of Operation L.O.A.D on all difficulties.

Platinum Combat Medal 10 Points

For defeating 2,000 elite enemies.

Silver Combat Medal 10 Points

For defeating 2,000 basic enemies.

Aerial Excellence 25 Points

For defeating 15 enemies with dodged enemy attacks.

Perfect Launch 25 Points

For reaching Orbit phase without being hit by an enemy attack. (On hard mode)

The Green Legend 25 Points

For defeating over 10,000 enemies in total.

Author Comments

Protect the giant missile on its way to destroy the enemy planet. Follow it through launch, orbit, attack and destroy phases of its mission and defeat all enemies you encounter.


Movement: Click and drag or use arrow keys or WASD
Shoot: Left Mouse Click
Dodge/Dash: Left-click self or press Shift
Boost/Follow Rocket: Double-click self
Load Rockets: Click and hold self
Fire Loaded Rockets: Left-click anywhere
Swipe enemy to melee.

NOTE: Game Version 1.2 with MAJOR bug fix and improved gameplay and controls
More updates: The game should be a bit easier now and you get bonus points for shooting multiple enemies with one shot.

Front Paged!? Thank you so much Newgrounds! :) Feels like Christmas morning when I was 8.

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I hate writing a summary.. Just read.

First of all, I LOVE the graphics. I don't know why but it just gets me.
I also love the way the instructions came to me while I was playing the game, a small thing that i have no idea why I love.
I don't know what it is about this game, I mean I don't especially care for how you play it, but I seem to really enjoy it.
It is kind of hard to explain...

How strange

This was quite a unique game to play in that I had little idea how long it went. Everytime I went past a level, it said I had failed it even though I saw the missile leave the screen. I tried to follow it and now I know what I have to do, sorry. Boy, I feel like an idiot for not reading the instructions better. Anyway, this game is a lot harder than it seems at first. You have to follow the missile and use up a lot of your own fuel for it.

The coolest part was probably how well the robot worked. It was great with how the enemies were all defeated in one blast. While I am pretty bad at this, at least I managed to get a single medal (making the enemies shoot each other). The music was also good and had a good futuristic and technological feel to it. It is definitley going to take practice.

controls... I didnt know wtf they meant, I do now

takes a shitload of experimenting to get used to, but after you figure out how to boost, hard mode is easy, not much of a challenge but very addictive. If you could expand the game and mebes simplify the controls... like for instance having a button press for loading rockets, melee and the various controls. I hope you expand for sequels and possibly mini games. I loved it, other than figuring it out... and the melee for some reason doesnt even work half the time

Nicely done!

I've been looking for a fun mecha combat game, and this is one I'll keep coming back to! First, the good:

I like how you took a simple concept and expanded it into an interesting multi-stage operation. Each level had a slightly different feel to it, and the idea of a missile escort as opposed to breaking through completely solo was a fun take on the one man space armada game. In terms of difficulty, I liked how managing the energy bar made me work a little harder to stay alive, but didn't distract from the dodging and shooting. Easy mode is fine for casual shooter gamers, and Hard Mode will provide a fun challenge even for veterans of the genre. Though short, there's plenty of room for replay value, so the length is no problem. The character designs were nice to look at, and the game's visual effects were detailed enough to be eye catching without causing slow down during play. Hats off to F-777 for the catchy music, which provided some nice, futuristic ambiance.

Now for my criticism, which is minor. I would have liked to actually get something other than just earning medals, but that's just a personal peeve and won't bother most people. As for controls and gameplay, all the core mechanics were solid, but the special moves and extra features left something to be desired. I still haven't managed to get melee attacks to work in a reliable fashion, and I found the rockets take too long to charge to be effective against anything other than the final boss. Also, It would be nice if there was an "insane" or "L.O.A.D.E.D." difficulty option for the masochists in the audience who want to play the first version.

This is an excellent game, and I'll be coming back to it. There are certainly issues with the melee, and missiles, but truth be told, I played through the first couple of games without using either and I still had a blast. Keep up the good work, work out the kinks, and I will definitely come back for more.

--One last thing that occurred to me. Is it possible we're playing the villains here? I mean, we could theoretically be some mad terrorist with a doomsday weapon and a vendetta against the purple planet. Sure, we're under attack, but the blue bots might just be here for us and the missile and not for the green planet at all...


it was ok, got boring for me real quick though