Sonic final batle

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the same shit does not change anything


Possibly one of the best Sonic flashes ever

We need more Brazilian flash animators like you and Golfino! :D


DUDE!! Weird!! What you should do to improve this movie is use real voices!!(ASK SOMEBODY TO RECORD THEM IN WHAT VOICE YOU NEED!! Sorry, left caps on!)like for example if you need a girl voice then find a girl to play that part! and vice versa for boys!! simple! maybe you can ask one of the voice actors for a game or movie on newgrounds to send you the voices you need!!(or record it yourself) Anyways, it was slightly funny but because of those terrible computer voices i couldn't understand some of it!!! you can't portray your comedy if the audience can't understand the words!! almost forgot to mention that in your title you misspelled battle!! if this is on purpose then ignore this part! hey do you know that you can also use sprites! if you hate sprites then ignore this part too!! anyways this movie has potential, so improve this movie and you will get lots of tens!!

heaven-e-hell responds:

everything in the video is on purpose


dude i just love heaven-e-hell's cartoons!

We've seen stuff like this before.

And yeah, I once was one of those kinds of people who would only judge things in accordance to the quality of animation. Standards of what animation "should" be.

But that's not the case with allot of NG animations.

But stuff like this can't be judged on the same level or quality. I

t's in an entirely new genre all together.

I'm disappointed people voted low on this. Cause there's some funny stuff going on here. The way how the characters were presented for starters.

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i am impressed...

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2.51 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2011
8:01 AM EST