Forest 2013 Chapter 2

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In 2012 chemical attack was carried out on European countries including Russia. Most of the population
Europe has been poisoned. The countries of east and continents of North and South America, the European part of Russia declared a closed zone, since this part was
place the brunt of the chemical attack. A small percentage of survivors built a colony in the woods. Those who could not withstand the impact of chemical
attack ( "Hunters") temporarily lost consciousness, then in consequence of a strong poison their brains could not work fully
and they were dangerous for the survivors. Survivors had to live in the forest and only at night to go to town for groceries...

Time - 2:34 (9mb xD)

Specilal thanks to
Dmitry Glukhovsky for the book "Metro 2033"
NEWGROUNDS.COM for the preloader
CAPCOM for game "Resident Evil"
cyotecody555 for ispring me with his "Resident Evil Pwanchi" series

P.S.Sorry for bad english.


Ooooh!! Russians!

OK, it's not hard to understand where're you from, but, even better the story took place in Russia (in some godforsaken shithole near it would be even better) because I'm fed up with stupid Americans (no offense, and I'm not an American) and that every single story has to be over the Atlantic and that everybody has to know English!! NO!!!! (Oh, and also, I read cyrillic. Hooray.)

Voice acting is too awesome.
Animation also.
The graphics are beautiful. The dudes even have shadows.
Fighting music is also awesome.

Preloader is one of the greatest I've seen, except for the ones that are actually minigames.

Metro 2033 is the greatest book I ever read, and I obey it.
I also obey Newgrounds.
And Capcom.
Because of this flash, I'm slightly starting to obey cyotecody555.

This is great. <3

Great Job, and also..............

Soldier: Hey you big ol zombie?
Zombie: Yah what is it?
Soldier:You were pretty much just as big as the wall you smashed so why not climb it?
Zombie: I smash walls not to get through.....
Soldier: Really?
Zombie: I simply smash walls BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWR!

DS-anim responds:

xD ahah, laugh)


please tell me there is a sequel to this sequel cause the first chapter was awsome this was even awsomer if there is a sequel i hope you post it soon.

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really cool

Your skills have really improved since episode 1 .
keep up the good work.
look forward to see the next .. Big fan of zombie stuff ^^

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but because what you don't make a game based on this serie?

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Feb 8, 2011
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