Forest 2013 Chapter 2

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In 2012 chemical attack was carried out on European countries including Russia. Most of the population
Europe has been poisoned. The countries of east and continents of North and South America, the European part of Russia declared a closed zone, since this part was
place the brunt of the chemical attack. A small percentage of survivors built a colony in the woods. Those who could not withstand the impact of chemical
attack ( "Hunters") temporarily lost consciousness, then in consequence of a strong poison their brains could not work fully
and they were dangerous for the survivors. Survivors had to live in the forest and only at night to go to town for groceries...

Time - 2:34 (9mb xD)

Specilal thanks to
Dmitry Glukhovsky for the book "Metro 2033"
NEWGROUNDS.COM for the preloader
CAPCOM for game "Resident Evil"
cyotecody555 for ispring me with his "Resident Evil Pwanchi" series

P.S.Sorry for bad english.



Fantastic Flash I Loved It So Much I Hope Instead Of Making 3 a movie maybe just maybe you could make it a game? Ethier Way great flash 9.6/10


That was good...

But kind of short .-.

Good job

First of all, i rlly like to praise on ur work for the character design (armor design), rlly look awesome. as for the story, not bad for an action story, i rlly like how u execute different angles for a certain fighting shots, nice touch. i did realize u use some kind of sprite explosion? not a fan of that, kinda spoil ur originality touch etc.

overall, good job... keep em coming buddy!

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It was better done

This takes time and peopel dont appreciate. Nice Resident evil twist. Just don't stay on the script of the movie long make your own story as you have so far. Better animation indeed. I gave 9 stars becuase it was a shorter flash and the fight was a bit short. Still Keep up man. KEEP THE VOICES RUSSIAN plz. even if I don't understand it gives the originality of your style and place.


that was pretty cool i liked the way you led to the next chapter keep doing what your doing but work on it a little.

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Feb 8, 2011
4:13 AM EST