Epic Bungee

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Now includes medals! Make sure to start a new career as a new version has been uploaded and this will allow you to unlock the medals.


Bungee jump your way to max stats in this crazy one of a kind game, mixing the retro with the modern.

When the warning appears, keep hitting SPACE BAR to relieve tension on your rope. You get EXP for every star you collect and every rope you save, which you can use to spend in between jumps on a better rope or a new hat.

We made this game in 24 hours as a little personal game jam.


whats the point?

ur jumping off a uh... well i dont know and it just says to press d to jump off whats the storyline?

Lag is unbearable

It looks like a very addictive game. Or it would be without the insane lag. Ive played much more advanced games online, with more action and requiring more processing power and had absolutely no problem. With this i feel like im playing a game shown to me by a slideshow. Please fix this and i shall rate it much better.

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I plyed this on a different website and enjoyed it, but it didnt lag AT ALL!!!!!!!!! if it didnt lag, i wouldve given it an 8.

Cannot see why its addicting.

Why does the cord snap each time? fix it.

No way

If this is how real bungees whould work, they whould be banned because of fatalities. I give you 2 for fatigue spend on making it.

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3.46 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2011
3:55 PM EST
Simulation - Other