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Now includes medals! Make sure to start a new career as a new version has been uploaded and this will allow you to unlock the medals.


Bungee jump your way to max stats in this crazy one of a kind game, mixing the retro with the modern.

When the warning appears, keep hitting SPACE BAR to relieve tension on your rope. You get EXP for every star you collect and every rope you save, which you can use to spend in between jumps on a better rope or a new hat.

We made this game in 24 hours as a little personal game jam.


The lag is definitely the biggest issue

The lag issue takes the enjoyment and playability of a simplistic game like this and throws it out the window. I did not however run into the upgrading bug at all, I was able to fully upgrade everything and still able to jump, but when the rope would get longer, and I hit a wall, I would just lag slide down the wall. Thus not be able to play the game for a good minute while the guy just stayed there in a perpetual lag.

I doubt this will get fixed at all, considering the nature under which it was made, but your next attempt should focus on what will be simple AND be able to be played. I don't give a rats ass what my guy's head looks like on little ten minute time wasters like this, but I sure as heck would actually like to be able to PLAY the game.

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Chaz responds:

Calm yourself down, it's probably a text embedding issue.


Its could be pretty good game for the most part, but the lag issues with the game really lower the playability.

come on

wasnt all that


It might be fun if it weren't so laggy.


Its a okay game but it can be turn into an awesome game if it were to be improved.

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3.46 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2011
3:55 PM EST
Simulation - Other