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Epic Bungee

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Now includes medals! Make sure to start a new career as a new version has been uploaded and this will allow you to unlock the medals.


Bungee jump your way to max stats in this crazy one of a kind game, mixing the retro with the modern.

When the warning appears, keep hitting SPACE BAR to relieve tension on your rope. You get EXP for every star you collect and every rope you save, which you can use to spend in between jumps on a better rope or a new hat.

We made this game in 24 hours as a little personal game jam.


Cord Strength

For me, saving yourself didn't work until I got my cord strength to 4 bars, then it worked as expected. Actually got to the point where it was either stay and spam the spacebar or just die.

As far as game balancing goes, if you just level up your stars all the way you will get a level+ each time, you can ignore the other upgrades. But for a light hearted game this was kinda fun.

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Really Good

The problem is, it lags and lags and lags. It is ridiculous. If you fix it, it would have been a nine.

lol awesome but i wouldnt call it retro

it was fun though it took me forever to figure out exactly how to save the cord lol i got all but 2 achievements which are save the cord 100 times and play for an hour

fun to play

overall, i think what saved this for me is the quick level ups. i loved how encouraging that was. because, honestly, other than that, just swinging from the rope was not too much fun. i can't figure out how to make the little man swing up to get stars i've missed. but that's not a big deal, you still created a fun game.

its simple colors and ragdoll stickman are great, btw. the bitty bloodspatter is a nice touch, not too much. played to get your medals. i think you should make more, it was relaxing for a bit, there's no real time limit or anything pressing. just jump.

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Very Nice

I liked the game overall, and for 24 hours it's great work. I was able to throw myself out of the world (the ground ends not that far over, and I was able to pass it with the long rope, should totally be an achievement).

Agree with everyone else, don't buy any cord length until you're ready to stop leveling or getting hats or whatever. Just pour all your points into more stars first and foremost so you will always get tons of them at once.

Criticism: Could have used music. Could also have used some way to mute sound and control the graphics. Seriously, what is up with all these games recently disabling the ability to change quality? My laptop can handle the game, but being able to change the quality to medium or low on my own would make things smoother.

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3.46 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2011
3:55 PM EST
Simulation - Other