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Now includes medals! Make sure to start a new career as a new version has been uploaded and this will allow you to unlock the medals.


Bungee jump your way to max stats in this crazy one of a kind game, mixing the retro with the modern.

When the warning appears, keep hitting SPACE BAR to relieve tension on your rope. You get EXP for every star you collect and every rope you save, which you can use to spend in between jumps on a better rope or a new hat.

We made this game in 24 hours as a little personal game jam.


It is the game.

It is NOT my computer that's making this game lag, it's the game. This is the only game I've ever played on this computer that has lagged this much and it's simple as shit. Something you did while you were making the game is doing this, not me.

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spacebar snaps your cord... on purpose.

Entertained me for about ten minutes. Thanks.

SPACEBAR SNAPPING YOUR CORD: It snaps your cord if you press it prior to the warning popping up. I imagine this is intentional if you want to fall earlier after you get your cord strength all the way up.

Cord length is counter-intuitive. The star amount is restricted to at or near where you can reach with your cord, so leaving cord length at minimum and maxing out the star amount results in a very small, very dense cluster of stars that you can get most of in a single dive. Spreading out the star clustering from the start will give me something to do as I plummet to my death.

Add a parachute.

I had no lag.

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It's an okay game...By the way for the people who are complaining about the fact that you can't save the card, why don't you try and be a little smarter and tap the space bar xD

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It does NOT lag.

That is a myth. For all those who are getting lag, it's your own computers. Mine is working this game just fine, so scoring low for lag reasons is WRONG.

That aside, this DOES look like an addictive game that I can get into. It seems to be fun and silly and just not bad for being done in A DAY. So yeah, kudos for that much.

HERE IS THE THING, GUYS. The complaint about the spacebar IS valid. I pressed it experimentally and it does not recover you, but seems to always snap the cord. It literally always did this. So, I believe you should go back, update your file, and then other people will be more understanding.

I am giving you an 8 because I AM understanding.

lag, and lack of bouncability

could be good fun, but was a little dull, no bonus for interesting fatality (as far as i am aware). very laggy. Nice try, could be improved upon greatly

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3.46 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2011
3:55 PM EST
Simulation - Other