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based on true events



just awful, was there any effort at all, come on, those were decent drawings you could have done a lot better things with them, keep trying but dont put more crap like this up, unless you want another turd of the week.

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Let us keep in mind...

To make even a decent flash you must come to the conclusion that it was entertaining and that it made sense. Did you truley review it yourself and say to yourself "Well gee this is good, and it's funny people are going to love this!" and submit it? Or were you just hoping to get the turd of the week because it's a trophy that requires alot less brain power than to get the other trophies? Use a little logic and spend a little more time on an idea, dont waste our time, because in the end you get a reputation for making crappy animations, and you lower the chances of any future ones that might be good.

I might sound like im trying to be an asshole but im not, if you deserve a slap in the head I will give you a slap in the head thats how it rolls. Just please next time think about what you submit? because I do see some decent flash drawing that if you put a little bit of time into it you could at least maybe hit underdog of the week or a bronze trophy alright?

I hate to see possibility for decent work to go to waste so make us all proud. For now? your getting a zero.

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From what I saw the dude on the right got mad at the guy on the left? It was hard to tell because there wasn't any animation except for them talking, which didn't match the sound. And why just add in a Left4Dead 2 song without anything happening? Made zero sense.

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what's with the left 4 dead 2 soundtrack 3 stars for the soundtrack

Turds are nice too

Please tell me that you have more true events from your life to make fun of, preferably longer and funnier... and if you want to attract people make it sexually related, mention the penis a lot, then talk about boobs... for some reason that ALWAYS gets people high scores

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Feb 6, 2011
8:24 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Turd of the Week February 9, 2011