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The Core of Darkness

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LevelUp 5 Points

Level up for the first time!

It begins 10 Points

Destroy the first 15 lightsources without loosing more then 5 hp.

Killer 25 Points

Destroy a total of 1500 light sources

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

The Core of Darkness is a game about the shadow taking on a fight against the raging light.

This was a schoolproject! There might be a few performance issues when you get to a higher level (more enemies...), but it was made using Push Button Engine (PBE), which probably isn't the best choice for something like this. PBE uses box2D, making it all a bit heavy. Personally I would've written my own - lightweight - collision detection... but we had to use PBE.
(I also made the "music" myself)

I've put in the medals after the school deadline, to give it a little extra.

Mouse - move
MouseButton (hold) - send drops

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sorry dude but its not loading from me :(

Interesting concept but execution was poorly done.

All it needs is a good, comfy corner position and proper upgrades of drops (max number and power). Just ignore defense, it's worthless. Clicking will direct the drops against the light blobs NO MATTER THE DISTANCE, allowing for quick, clean elimination, with little to no cost in health (in fact, the core should only move around to gather drops, or to avoid a blob that spawns too close to itself).

Also, gets boring quickly than I imagined and starts lagging even faster. That's to expect due to moderately complex mechanics, but not so much.

I did enjoy the game, however.

Tends to lag end-game.

How eerie

I guess my main problem with this game is that I have no idea how to play it. Of course, I can't give you flak for that, because I managed to get half of the medals! I even got the secret medal even though I have no clue how I did that. I can't give any hints, because I don't know how to! This is one of the most bizarre games I have ever played. I think this should have been put under "Experimental" rather than "Action". It's amazing how you created this weird world.

As the game goes on, the quality gets lower. I can't tell if that's intentional or just a glitch in the system. It makes just as much sense either way. It is somewhat well designed particularly with how you can move around so well. It's hard to describe, but it's a decent game. Congrats to you for making something truly absurd.

robbe responds:

Hi, thanks for the review (I only noticed now, tsktsk).

I think I wanted to put it under experimental, but I did not find that category :p (checked it again now, didn't see it). So I chose for "other".

I'm going to be honest about the quality getting lower, it's a glitch: I worked with pushbutton engine, which is not very optimized for large numbers of collisions, intersecting shapes etc. I would've made my own "engine", but we had to use PBE for school...
Glad to hear that you thought it made sense :D

PS: you can read the description of the medal after unlocking it ;)


I was the one who saved this game a while back. I really don't know why I done it, it is very boring, but at least it has medals!

Credits & Info

2.72 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2011
5:40 AM EST