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SNB Show Reel 2010

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I've never really made a show reel before and decided to put one together. I kinda got carried away and did a massive Show reel, as well as using my 'Abnormality Menu' Template (the fancy menu you see).

This demo reel contains content from payed work, Voluntary work as well as my own work and fan work. It mostly covers my skills in After Effects and 3D Max. Yea I don't have a clue what to say on a project like this, other than ENJOY.

Be sure to check out the Junk Yard and Leave a review ;)

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u r my favorite artist here

and this reminded my why. Not many popular artist even try 3ds max yet you use it in most of your new submissions. keep up the good work i hope i see more of it

studio-nightbird responds:

thanks :D. I'm kinda moving away from animations saddly though (due to time I don't have). I'm moving towards short vfx films on youtube ;)


very nice, i know its only a demo reel, but if this is what you can do with that.... then i cant wait for your actual projects, 10/10, 5/5

i like how you use 3ds max, ive never been able to fit my head around that, but the fact that you're making 3d animations sells it all for me, also, nice music

cant wait :3

studio-nightbird responds:

Thanks glad you liked it...Some people say Blender is easier than 3D max...LLLIIEEEESSSSS!!!!! xD

anyway thanks for the review ;)

very impressive!!!

If i owned any kind of game series especially Final Fantasy, you would be bought up and put on the team a.s.a.p. ..... the graphics in the begginging where superb.. worthy of any game. the music is pure and simple exactly what good videogame music should be... enouph words....... awesome stuff period. i look forward to your bright future.

studio-nightbird responds:

Thanks glad you enjoyed it :D


Did not expect this. You're an amazing artist and musician. I give you 10 for your talent.

studio-nightbird responds:

thanks means a lot ;)

well now

i have to say the music was pretty good : )

studio-nightbird responds:

thanks glad you liked the music ;)