Fusushi Tuna

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I started this a few months back and finally decided to finish it recently.
Please review and tell me what you think



! :D

So they had absolutely no chance against Fusushi Tuna? :|
I love the voice of the narrator. do more please... the story has to continue!


i have no idea why i enjoyed that so much
make it longer with out mono-tone voice and you got yourself a winner
all in all good flash (Y)

The-Mercenary responds:

Being told in monotone is what makes it funny

No chance against Fushigi!

The layered paper look over the whole flash looked pretty cool and gave it an old chinese look as well. The animating seemed to be alright for the most part. I didn't see anything special done here either.

The story was kind of odd as every "CHOZEN 1" was killed by the fushigi tuna over time and so was grasshopper. Pretty weird how instead of ganging up on it they just gave in and became slaves to those weird oversized monsters.

The only bad thing about this flash was the audio. You could have spoken up a bit actually so I could understand everything instead of making people turn up the speakers. Aside from that you did a pretty good job on this flash actually.

Good luck on future pieces and please speak up.

Review Request Club

The-Mercenary responds:

I can easily fix the audio, and thanks :)


Wow, I really like this :). It's really really funny and well made, I like the kind of 'paper' background. The only thing I didn't like was the voice.. It might be on purpose.. But it still sounds sooo boring xD.. made me kinda tired . The funnyness and the graphics were a great compensation anyway :). And the voice also was kinda funny ^^. Overall it's really great! Keep up the good work!

The-Mercenary responds:

yea, the voice was suppose to be as boring as possible lol

Deadpan ultraviolence

Hey The-Mercenary,

The animations aren't of the highest quality, nor the most smooth, but the story is mostly told in screenshots as if in a book. I was fond of this way of telling the tale, backed by a papery texture and extremely deadpan voiceover. A stylish combination.

The whole affair is very unsettling, yet funny at the same time. You keep hoping for the "Chozen 1" to win against Fusushi Tuna, and each time it seems as if that's about to happen, but it doesn't. This constant dashing of hopes is successful, and at the very end, it shocks you so much that you are almost repulsed. That can be a good or bad quality.

The deadpan quality of your voice combined with the hyperviolent nature of the story provides an interesting dynamic. The only thing I might change is your almost offensive comments about the slenderness of Chinese eyes.

--Wow Factor--
The original impression is underwhelming, however as the story goes on, it gets more and more interesting. By the end you are engrossed by the plot twists and turns so that you are mesmerized by the movie. This provides a degree of amazement.

--Personal Tilt--
I was not sure whether to be amused or repulsed at some points during this flash. It's an interesting blend of dynamics that produce a certain type of humour, which may not be my type of humour. But at least it is original and an exciting step in a new direction. Well done.

--Production-- = 17/20
--Experience-- = 15/20
--Style-- = 13/20
--Wow Factor-- = 14/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 13/20




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3.29 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2011
11:35 AM EST
Comedy - Original