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Space TileBall

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A excelent game about a crazy ball that it´s lost in the cold space and you want to save it, but it´s not easy work because the ball it´s really inquiet.

Use the Arrow Keys to move it

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Doesn't seem to be your own work.

I felt like I had seen this before, and since it seriously lacks the game features (despite having a nice looking ball) I decided to google a bit. Look what it brought up, a tutorial with even the same layout for blocks:
06/14/create-a-flash-ball-game-with-v isual-from-above-tutorial/

You're only supposed to post your own work. What you've basically done here is that you've added a title there and added some glow to the blocks. That hardly qualifies as your own work!

Phun XD

First off, I have to say this game is pretty addicting. However, one frustration I've had while playing it is that I feel like I don't have much control over the ball, it just accelerates way too fast. If you fix that, you could have a pretty great game.

no ending?

in order to be a game, there a a few key components you need, one of them is to know when you have won, otherwise, the players get frustrated, furthermore, the lack of plot, challenge, or anything else to keep my attention is a big minus. This may be a good test, but it still needs some work to be a game.

Simple little game, but shallow

I was impressed with the physics of this game and the fact that you need to develop a great sense of control for the ball to stay on track and get to the end of the course.

I was quite disappointed to see that there was just one track and you didn't even get some sort of fanfare for completing the course. More levels would be interesting, as would potential hazards, like jumps, for example, where you must get a certain speed up to get over them, but then bring the ball to a stop, before the corner appears.

What about a system of lives, or time penalties? Add time to the player's score to get them to run more risks, but punish them being too clever. From there, high scores tables could be developed and without much thought of direction, the game has structure and direction. You've got the concept, so there is a great few ideas sitting around here, so work with them and see what comes.

[Review Request Club]

So I got to the end

Now what? We need more than one level that doesn't do anything upon completion.

Credits & Info

1.60 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2011
9:51 AM EST