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Bitejacker is the first game from Secret Base, and I hope you'll enjoy it. If you have any comments or feedback, we'll love to hear it, so please do drop us a comment.

Note that once each boss is defeated, you'll unlock a page of comic strip in your progress book. The comic comes with a password (on the top), which will allow you to download the hi-res version on the right of the website, http://bitejacker.secretb ase.com.sg/


I really liked this game, its variety and its...

references to other videogame titles. While there's no bugs, theres stuff that should be considered looking at:

* I found a Armor Piercing Gun, bought ammo for the next level, then played the level. I search a container, and it says "Machine Gun" or "Shotgun" i get the weapon before i can run away from it. Why would i want a default weapon when i have something better? There should be an "Use" button for containers after you search them, or weapon switching keys.

* Survivors get spawned from the beggining of the level. This means that i don't have unlimited time to get to their "Screen" and save them, so i can't search anything until i get those people. I thought this was okay, but in the next level i skip all containers, and then i get to the boss and there wasn't any survivors! And of course the boss beated my ass and i couldn't find anything.

And one question: Is there a way to get your "Pal" back once he dies? Or make someone else your Pal? I felt lonely ._. And i want my money bonus =P

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This is your first game?

Really? because it's really fun. Good music, witty tongue-in-cheek humor, and simple but fun play mechanics make this a game worth playing more than once.

good game

to many road blocks. the only thing i was doing was shooting the stuff blocking my way and killing 20 and under. i barely got to search anything. overall i like the rest of the game.


-For me the gameplay was very good and understand the upgrade system faster -.-...

-one thing... the last level was very,very EASY!!! y kill the boss like in 30 sec.

-u could add some medals :)

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so good played it a second time

my only critique, the boundaries are somewhat vague...especially when you're caught on an invisible corner and there's a mass of zombies headed your way. Also felt the rocket launcher was balanced in damage in that it doesn't hurt you when you fire close range. Last boss was easy to see coming, and was the easiest boss? Other than that loved the references, the humor, and that you could level up which really helped out in the end

"double fisted like a frat boy!"

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4.34 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2011
12:33 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional