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High Tea

rated 4.31 / 5 stars
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Feb 4, 2011 | 7:58 AM EST
  • Frontpaged February 4, 2011
  • Daily Feature February 5, 2011
  • Weekly 5th Place February 9, 2011

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Author Comments

High Tea is a strategic plate-spinning game, you play an independent British smuggler selling opium in China's Pearl Delta.

Buy cheap and sell high to make a profit, but make sure you also obtain enough tea to keep Britain happy. You have ten years before the opium wars begin - can you make your fortune?

Based on historical events, this game also shines a light on a questionable episode in the history of the British Empire.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Addictive, like a good game should be!

Great graffix and sound effects. Smooth gameplay. Well done!
Only thing I think is frustrating is that after all that hard work, the tea-clipper
comes along and takes all my hard-earned tea back to Blighty and all they give
me in return is bloody ship... Maybe the game would work better if the object off the game was to accumulate wealth and rate your score accordingly.

Tips for beginners:
- Keep an eye on your Opium stocks, if theyre running low you might end up buying at a higher price then you will be able to sell it for.
- If Opium prices drop to around $7 a Crate don't wait for a perfect order, but take any offer that comes along and make your money selling in bulk. Just be carefull for calling at risky ports.
- To make that final Tea-shipment you'll be hitting that "Buy 30 crates of Tea" button almost continuesly. Even if this means buying at high prices. The object of the game is to ship that tea, not end up with loads of money. Even though this kinda ticked me off.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I think luck plays a huge factor in this game because sometimes when I start a new game the price of opium stays around $40 but the ports only buy for about $50 for the whole round. When I finally raise enough money to get tea, I can't buy it fast enough to load the ship. I have made it to the final round and in one game the opium and tea prices both dropped to $8 twice. The randomness makes the game interesting but sometimes you get really screwed. Beautiful graffix and tight game play. Overall I'm happy.

Did you ever play Drug Wars? This game seriously reminds me of that. I wish you would remake Drug Wars with this degree of quality. That would be a thing of beauty.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good Game

You have to be very alert to price fluctuations


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Rushed Meeeh

Good game, a simple but complex game ( lol i think i just contradicted myself )
anyway its nicely done, although i havent finished the game myself i got pretty far, i was on the last one, i couldnt beat it cuz of the constant "RISK" ports also, they get the tea so fast.
I would suggest to all players to NEVER trade in the same spot because it will rise suspicion and later in the game it will be difficult to trade, with you catching up with the tea and you getting your trades sacked evertime.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


1. Most impotant is to watch the wise to buy when there is a green arrow
2. If there is a risky place it doesnt mean your boat will get cought, go risky if you have no option
3. If you have more than 3 boats dont be afraid to lose one
4. Dont go often in risky places with more than 20 crates in order
5. Use the bribe card only in masive risky order
6. If you get enough tea for the order before the boat comes dont focus anymore on tea, focus on opium and economies
7. If the boat came to take the order of tea use your economies on buying as much tea as you can
8. If you havent enough opium and tea and there is no helpful orders then give up...and restart a new game
9. If you have a lot of boats and a lot of money and one of your boats get cought dont pay for it back...keep your will get a new boat at the next order of tea
10. If the british people happines goes low do not panic...if you will obtain the right order of tea their happiness will be full again

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