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Author Comments

Take the role of a Gembinder, imbuing items with incredible power through the use of magical gems.


- Click on any of the OUTER gems to pick it up. Other gems are locked and cannot be moved.
- Click next to any two or more of the same colour to drop the gem and make a match.
- Make enough matches of each of the necessary colours to complete a level.


- Combos give you extra time, aim for them whenever possible.
- Equip the right item for the level you are trying to complete.
- Remember that item effects trigger with any match.
- After gathering all gems for an item you have a limited amount of time to reach maximum power, try to make as many combos as possible within this time.

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I really love this game, but it's slightly irritating that I can not change equipment before each level. Also, I'm pretty sure I broke the game somehow.

This game seems impossible...

It's so rare to get gems in the outer periphery that are close enough to others that match, I can't even get remotely close to beating the first level. I like the concept, but maybe there are too many colors or something.

I love everything else. I absolutely love the music, the graphics, the way the whole thing is presented. I'm just not sure it's possible to even play.

MoonberryStudios responds:

You can move any gem with at least one free space around it, to ANY free space near other 2 gems of the same color, even if they're across the board.

I'm sure there's no state where you can't make a move. But if you find one, please post a screenshot.

Loooooove it.

It's. So. Addicting.

Contrary to the other comments the instructions were very clear to me, I understood the item equip, and everything works fine.

I love the graphics, option to turn the sound off (hate when games don't have that), and that it's a simple game (as in it's a simple concept) yet it never gets boring! I also like that when you get a game over you don't lose all progress.

Plenty of replay value.

Really love this! Favorited! (That's a word >.>) 5/5 :3

Good But Flawed

When I beat a level my time didn't reset at all. I had 90 seconds for the whole game. Maybe your timer is erronious. If that get's fixed you will have a solid game. Not overly original but solid none-the-less.

MoonberryStudios responds:

That's odd, it works fine here. Resets back to 90s every time we start a level.

rather buggy

I don't have a clue what triggers a match. Sometimes I'll have up to 5 balls fall together and they don't pop. Sometimes 3 can fall together and they do pop. Sometimes a group of 3 would shift slightly an pop. You need to work on your match detection.

It has a neat back story, but what does "gembinding" an item actually do? Just unlock the next level? I couldn't see how to equip any items. I played until level 5 and then gave up. It's just doing the same thing level after level. It never seemed to get any harder.

It took about a minute to figure out that you can move any "free" gem to any free spot. The instructions aren't clear. Perhaps you could have a tutorial where you actually have to move a gem across the board?

I hope you work on this. It seemed fun for a few levels. I think with a little more work you could have a winner.

MoonberryStudios responds:

Combos are triggered when at least one of a group of 3+ gems fall into the place of the previous match.

Gembinding allows you to equip the item, but only in the level select screen. In hindsight this could be improved.