Heaven and Hell

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Arrows = Move
Space = Attack (Hell)/Plant Seeds (Heaven)
WASD = Use Items

Defend the heavenly island against demons. Once you kill them all, you'll be transported back to Heaven! Use the souls you harvest to purchase items after each wave-and don't forget to heal the island with seeds. Survive all 40 days, and the Kingdom of Heaven will be saved!

== Note sorry audio names have been lost, but I'll be retreiving them soon! bare with me, this game has been in storage a long time and finally got released! :) so please enjoy ==


A few changes and as good as gold. Also, the end?

While some reviews have been scathing, I thought the game was passable, although obvious room for improvement is there.
Firstly, I like the fact that 1) you repair the map to it's previous state when you die and 2) you give an extra 2 souls when you die.
Now, the items in the game are near useless, really, when you get down to it, besides seeds and platforms. What really needs to happen is a upgradeable scythe or something because honestly, after a while the skeletons and whatnot are simply annoying, sending you flying off at a hair-trigger.
I would also change the ending. There's a seriously buggy ending there, which could benefit from giving extra types of bonuses when you play again. A great bonus or, "Cheat," as it were would be Unlimited Seed Mode. After winning the game, you could let players try out the island with maxed seeds, just for the solid fun of it, and/or have a custom match where you could select whatever you wanted to come at you for the match. Just a few suggestions.

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Funny Fun-Fun

It was glitchy, like others have meantioned, but I was able to fully enjoy this game.

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boring. love the concept, but this is just too easy, with no challenge and not enough interactivity, because you're stuck in being a noob the entire damn time. speed up the beginning a little, and make the combat a hell of a lot harder. literally; you are, in fact, supposed to be IN HELL. make the combat seem like it! let me know when you've fixed this, and i'll be happy to contradict myself. good day, sir.

uhg try again

like many have said, it is a great concept of being yaway's hitman for 40 days on land that's being destroyed by an army of evil but all you will ever use souls on is seeds. i wanted to kill demons not be the lords private tiller. most of the enemys are a joke except the jumping ones until you figure out his weakness, then it falls back to easy. i wouldn't mind a good boss fight as well, i know this is a small time game but it would vastly improve it. this game couldn't even be called a fun little time waster, just a time waster when it started becoming an annoying quest to see if the ending is good upon which i was dissapointed. it wouldn't hurt to of had new weapons or abilities or anything useful seeing as how the bomb could only be set before the match which left you hoping it wasn't wasted on a spider and nothing could be used for dragons although holding space and jumping occasionaly will get anyone through this, not to mention that on more than a few occasions the demons will just walk off the edge as if saying they don't even want to be in your game. in essence you had a possibly inovative concept but you didn't know what to do with it in the slightest, creating a neglectable hack and slash (if you loosely define hack and slash). 4/10 2/5

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Eggy responds:


Good concept but bad gameplay

I really liked the theme and was kind exicited to see what the game was like based on the title. Then I actually started playing and was quickly bored and dissapointed. I didn't for more than five minutes because I knew what to expect. You should have more varieties of enemies like imps and lesser demons. You should also have more and better upgrades, and maybe put in a feature like multiplayer. I think it would be a more enjoyable game if you could fight off vicious hordes of demons with a friend or two. And their should also be a weapon system like being able to choose a scythe, halo , trumpet, golden bow and arrows, holy water, etc. Weapon variety and ugrades is a top priority. You add that factor in with increased enemy types and this game will be a winner. Last but not least, for the final day it should be a boss battle against Beelzebub himself. (Also known as Satan for those uneducated in religious texts) That would end the gang with a bang for sure.

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3.40 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2011
3:45 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop