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Abobo: Weed all day

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i actually dont smoke weed.

over 400 hours of making this game.


Another Successful Newgrounds Collaboration. Yay.

Abobo reacts whenever a keypress or dragging of the mouse happens. It's technically a "gadget" that reacts to you using your computer. Then it started occurring at random; probably my imagination on overdrive to imagine that Abobo sings on account of the audience's minute participation. It's kind of goofy but the novelty wears off.

Rebaz hasn't been seen for a while. This certainly resembles something he'd conjure up; his status as a sprite mixer was once rather prolific. Why he needed to collaborate on a project just to have Abobo sing about dope remains unknown, but it makes me fantasize of the days when his Double Dragon tributes and parodies actually kicked butt, as though you found your graphically enhanced doppelganer, screamed "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!" and when he went "Hello." you just kicked him off the skyscraper just to be on the safe side. In any case, whoever put this on Front Page is a genius. Beats the surprise of something like Turd of the Week....


Does Abobo ever stop singing that stupid line?


this Coulda been longer, it is a nice use of Sprites. the music did give me a chucle. but it felt more like something you'd see on YTMND.com. I ll give you 5 stars on a rating and 2 for effort. if there was more then it would be higher. this is a good start though. keep up the good work on your next....

Not that funy but the idea is nice

It's short and the humour ain't that great, but the vocals are nice and I think it could be a fun melody if done right.

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O_o lol

Lol the reason why I gave this 5 stars is because its funny but on the other hand its too short =\ lmao and its a bit retarded. So can you make it a bit longer next time???

rebaz responds:

for you daniella, i'l do anything:$ never wanna lose you!!

Let's see

Humor: (1) It's an amusing joke but a tad bit overused in my experience.
Animation:(1)The animation was lacking in effort but did take at least a little bit of work.
Voice: (1) While the voice was most likely a recording of a song/skit from somewhere, I can't say for certain. but at least it was clear and not muffled or fuzzy.
Length: (0) This flash was much too short. I'd make a guess that it was about 10 seconds just looped.
Story:(0) I don't think I really need to elaborate on this category.
Music: (0) There wasn't really any music involved in this flash.
Point: (1) This flash is what it was intended to be.
Overall: (4) This flash gets a 4.

Suggestions: Considering the point of this flash, there really is no suggestion I can give.

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rebaz responds:

dude, seriously? someone that gets on frontpage with this, you think i need "suggestions" get a fucking grip.

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2.78 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2011
10:40 AM EST