Garfield: The Movie

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hello i drew almost all of the characters, provided some of the audio including voice acting, and wrote the script! My friend panzer animated, provided an awesome twist, did some voice acting as well and made this flash awesome instead of garbage! this is our first submission to newgrounds as we were inspired by a recent flash that, against all odds, made the front page. we seek none of the glory that the flash this was based on attained but some views would be nice! tell your friends!!! echo itt

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I laughed, I cried

This shouldn't even be called a flash movie. This is a flash FILM. This dwarme is showing much promise. I can foresee his meteoric rise to flash stardom!

Anyone who doesn't watch this is really robbing themselves of an experience.


this is the type of a movie ive been waiting for. it made me laugh. it made me cry. it didnt make to much sense. now this is what movies should be like.

A wonderful and highly emotional tribute

This is an absolutely stunning tribute to the Garfield franchise. If Jim Davis saw this today, I'm sure he would have nothing but good things to say about this masterpiece.

The story is rich, even more so than the actual comics, the art is absolutely beautiful and the twist ending really shows us all what it's like to be just a mortal being in this crazy crazy universe.

I don't know where people are getting the idea that this movie is a troll flash. It is clearly a 100% serious production, and should be taken VERY seriously. Why people cant take this amazing movie seriously is beyond me. Maybe they just can't understand the deep plot and characters? But then again, when the movie Rosebud came out many people were confused by the deepness and also thought it was terrible.

I can foresee this movie becoming an all-time American/European classic, a household name, and quite possibly put into the United States National Film Registry for being culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.

Once you've watched the movie for at least the 20th time, you begin seeing the deep metaphors that the director put into the film. For example, the grenade is a symbol for the unpredictability of life, and how one can go from having a normal chat about lasagna to suddenly being extinguished from this world, without warning. This scene in particular was very touching to me and I almost cried (my wife did) but these were tears from the joy of realization, not sadness! Our marriage has improved greatly after watching this amazing piece. You might even say it saved us!

This is an absolutely impeccable flash, flawless in every way, and deserving of professional review by only the most esteemed film-guilds in the world.

I couldn't have made it better myself. 10/10.

A Masterpiece.

My title couldn't put this video into better words.


- S

That's enough

That last movie was front-paged as a sick joke on the rest of us who work hard on our animation. It doesn't happen often, so don't expect to get famous through half-assed junk like this. Spend more time on your material, particularly the story. Just because you think it's funny when you starts it doesn't mean it'll look that way to everyone.

Dwarme responds:

It wasn't half assed ok it was full-assed get it right guys jeeze

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3.84 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2011
4:35 AM EST
Comedy - Parody