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Day Of Ringing

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Edit: The replay button should no longer appear in front of the credits.
Again I am sorry, but AS3 seems to hate me.

Just something I decided to do. I'm not sure if it is really my best work, but its still something I'm pretty proud of.

For the record, this is actually an AS3 file. Its not a game, but I did it to try to get an idea of AS3.
Let me tell you this,
I HATE AS3. Sorry if certain things don't work properly.



I hade a drclay addictions for a new short and im always happy what drclay makes 5/5 10/10 (one awesome drclay FAN)

I liked most of it.

I thought the first half was pretty good. Everything was fine there. Then some guy with a floating chin over his chin started talking. The chin was my only problem with that look of that character.

I think you could have ended it right after the clock was smashed. It's hard to explain but I guess if you can tell why people laugh you would know exactly why the second half wasn't needed. Perhaps it was the mood it carried. As if even though the flash was a joke, that talking dude meant every word of it and was dead serious. All I can really say though is that everything after the smashed clock wasn't funny to me. Maybe it's just me.


Interesting concept, but here's a short list of things that could have been done better:
The "fade" style of animation is just lazy.
The voice acting was croaky, always export in over 120kbps for decent audio
It was a touch drawn out. Shorten it up.

Not that i would know :P


Short and amusing, just how I like it.
But the dude's nose looks like... yeah.

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A good clock movie agian! I liek the intro music:) Nice animation also!

DrClay responds:

it has nothing to do with the clock crew, but okay.

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Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2011
5:09 PM EST
Comedy - Original