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Author Comments

This is a 7 minute long film I made for you people to watch.
It features the song Tooth and Claw by Sol Invictus and I'm proud to say that I got an official permission for it, so no infringement here.

Edit: Thank you so much for Daily First!
Edit: Thanks for frontpage, I love you Newgrounds :)

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This film is friggen awesome. Really great story and makes me want to pestur you for a sequel so.....will there be a sequel for this? If not, an explanation on why did the butterfly help him and why is he going to hyperbole city?

exotworking responds:

Watch my other film Anaktoron, it's kind of a sequel.


will this story be a part of the tower 2?kina short tho

exotworking responds:

no, this is a different story in a different time

Not bad

Pretty funny, yet simple. But am I the only one to be INSANELY reminded or I Wanna Be The Guy with the apples?

exotworking responds:

Gonna look that up, never heard of it though.

this flash is crunk, fo' shizzle!

animation: 10
audio: 10
story: 7

-3 story for it being quite short
i know 27/3=9 but the story weighs heavier

exotworking responds:

You are the first one complaining that the film is too short :)


I LOVED this. The music went really well. I actually thought the ending was kind of abrupt, I'm not sure why, I guess I just expected it to be a longer story. Besides that, amazing.

exotworking responds: