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Sauce's Lost Logons

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Sauce has forgotten the passwords for his 12 computers. Using the password hints he left (as well as your mouse, keyboard and possibly Google...), help him log on to his computers.

This game was an idea I had in the midst of working on another game that's been taking me some time. This is my first time using Flash's Shared Objects, which works like cookies to save progress. I hope you enjoy, and good luck!

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cool concept

too bad I cant finisht 5 and 10 lol

great game idea.

i loved the game. i got all of them done except for the Left Down Right Up. 4xword one...
i tried so hard on that one. i know the thing with the LDRU keys, but dont get the code...
but all done except for 10, and the last one. great riddles ^^
keep making games.
you could work on the animation a bit... i guess... but yeah. good job ^^


the idea of this kind of game is always nice, your graphics don't rock, but the riddles are fun.
i'm still clueless with 8,10 and 12...


good concept, unfortunatly computer 3 had no type box and you wernt able to click the box on computer 4, so i was unable to advance through the game