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This game was developed under 48 hours for the Global Game 2011 Jam in Caracas. Hope you guys enjoy it.

The controls might get a little on your nerve and we didn't have the time to give a good explanation. You have to draw the given pattern to jump from one point to the other.

The diagonals are kinda tricky, but take your time and do long traces.

Very special thanks to The Oatmeal for the inspiration and Tumblr for their current effort to improve their platform.

Rodrigo "The man" Weffer - Lead Artist
Cristian "Ninja" Caroli - Game Designer
Jose "Saiyan" Dunia - Lead Programmer
Ignacio "Pizza" Morales - Sound Designer

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got here from random game


A funky game here I was totally lost at first but found it to be kind of fun it was the controls that we're a bit confusing and funky to handle but after Abit it worked out for the best so I enjoyed it after I got use to it anyways nice little game you have here

Polish up the controls and how they respond


This game was too annoying. I drew a line next to the fish and nothing happened. There was no way to go back to the menu. Even with the directions, I was stumped. Still, it looks nice at least. The artwork is colorful.

Yeah, there was Tumblr at this time. I like references to other websites. This just had little going for it. The title's pretty cool. I just couldn't get it.

trial and error

With a little bit of trial and error I was able to get the controls right. It looks like the tumbeast only moves when you draw the exact pattern towards an objective (an objective exactly above the tumbeast is reachable drawing a vertical line upwards, and so on), otherwise it doesn't move.

The voice was a little weird xD...

Overall, good job guys :)

p.s.: cats.. lol xD

Cris7ian responds:

thanks! we developed this game under 48 hours for the Global Game Jam. And you're right, it doesn't move. The game does have some usability issues, but fixing them kinda ruins the whole 48 hour feeling of the game.

Thanks for playing :)


This game has potential, but all I could get it to do was hiccup and eventually drown
most of the time after a couple of successful jumps....

Cris7ian responds:

well, thanks! too bad you couldn't enjoy it :(