Teleporter man Alpha.01

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Hi there, this is an Alpha version of my game Teleporter man. I made this game for a school asignment.
But after I had completed the asignment I noticed that the game is far from being done. I know there are some bugs needed to be fixed and that I need to add more to the game.

But for now I present you all the Alpha version in order to recieve some feedback of the game.


-Walk with the Left and Right arrow key.

-Jump with the Up arrow key

-Press Space to Teleport towards the Teleporting-Bal(TRbal).

-Press "X" to pick up and to drop the TRbal.

-Press "C" to control Switches


I hope you enjoy.
got Ads!! Front Page!! Thank you Tom!!


yes indeed

I totally agree with the guy below me. But fun!

Just a few things

The controls are okay but really slow and there doesn't seem to be much if any inertia with character. So when the finger comes off the key you stop.

Throwing the ball, it has a bunch of nice puzzle elements to the game but many of the throws feel like they have to be pixel perfect or the ball doesn't go where it needs to. Also why does the ball only go like 1-2 squares then stop? It makes sense when you are standing and throw it, but when throwing the ball off a cliff as you leap it just loses its forward direction and goes straight down.

Enemies when you hit them you don't have any kind of knock back or invincibility to recover. These can lead to near instant death if you miss them with the ball which can be annoying having to restart the level after messing with a finky ball toss puzzle

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3.16 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2011
4:44 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle