Teleporter man Alpha.01

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Hi there, this is an Alpha version of my game Teleporter man. I made this game for a school asignment.
But after I had completed the asignment I noticed that the game is far from being done. I know there are some bugs needed to be fixed and that I need to add more to the game.

But for now I present you all the Alpha version in order to recieve some feedback of the game.


-Walk with the Left and Right arrow key.

-Jump with the Up arrow key

-Press Space to Teleport towards the Teleporting-Bal(TRbal).

-Press "X" to pick up and to drop the TRbal.

-Press "C" to control Switches


I hope you enjoy.
got Ads!! Front Page!! Thank you Tom!!



eeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kinda boring but guld concept

Nice concept

I liked the idea here, but I found that I often lost lots of my lives at once because I was miss a jump, respawn, and immediately fall again because I was still holding the button. I'm not sure how to fix that in a way that wouldn't be annoying. One idea would be to prevent moving for a second or so immediately after the respawn, but that would probably be pretty annoying. Another might be to lengthen the time it takes to die and respawn, just so I have time to get my finger off the arrow key but without feeling like I should be able to move.

As some others have commented, the controls feel a bit clunky... Slow movement and short jumps are a major cause of that, I believe.


Yes, still in alpha. Momentum, as mentioned, would be nice. A nice start, but checkpoints would be a nice option, especially for certain repetitive puzzles.

Unforgiving but otherwise good

The implementation of enemies adds an unnecessary level of difficulty to this. The controls are already a little clunky, considering that there was no attempt made to implement physics concepts like momentum. Add in the fact that you start over at the beginning of the level if you happen to die to one of these haphazardly-created enemies, and this game is a painful exercise in tenacity and not much else.

I have to give you credit on your use of sound effects, as they are really quite nice in a minimalistic way. However, the controls need improvement, and the enemies are best left to a challenge mode if you aren't going to add in checkpoints.

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I like it

The game is good IMO I don't think more mechanics should be added to the gameplay just add more levels in the future.

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3.16 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2011
4:44 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle