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Teleporter man Alpha.01

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Author Comments

Hi there, this is an Alpha version of my game Teleporter man. I made this game for a school asignment.
But after I had completed the asignment I noticed that the game is far from being done. I know there are some bugs needed to be fixed and that I need to add more to the game.

But for now I present you all the Alpha version in order to recieve some feedback of the game.


-Walk with the Left and Right arrow key.

-Jump with the Up arrow key

-Press Space to Teleport towards the Teleporting-Bal(TRbal).

-Press "X" to pick up and to drop the TRbal.

-Press "C" to control Switches


I hope you enjoy.
got Ads!! Front Page!! Thank you Tom!!


Good concept indeed, terrible execution

First of all, I expected a faster gameplay. Even the first levels are way too big, and the character is way too slow.

The design is boring, I like 8-bit and I even liked the style, but the colors are just too bright, I don't like playing a game if my eyes hurt from looking at it.

I prefer platformers, so make up your mind. You don't exactly have to make it a tremendously clever and unsolvable puzzle game, but try to add more ways to use the teleporter ball, which is actually the main point of the game.

OK concept, filled with design flaws

OK, the game has an interesting concept, with the item based teleportation. But the implementation and overall design of the game is... bad.

First, your character moves awkwardly and slowly. There are plenty of two square jumps when the horizontal movement of your character is barely designed for them, and walking anywhere just seems like a chore.

Second, I don't know what the levels are supposed to be testing. Is it a puzzle game based on clever teleportation? Is it a platformer with a unique way of moving you forward? Why are there enemies or lava based solely around platforming skill if it's a puzzle game, and why is your movement so horrible if it's a platformer (it's still bad for a puzzle game, but for a platformer that kind of control is just wretched).

Why are the levels so huge? There's no reason for them to be that big, especially when the concepts they are testing are pretty much illustrated straight away. Break the levels down tremendously; I mean to the point where you can see the entire level without needing to scroll around.

If you insist on making the levels so big, don't make it so there are puzzles where you can't see the solution to them; for instance, there are spots where you are supposed to put the ball down and flip a switch in order to teleport... but there's no way of knowing you're supposed to do that without either assuming things (puzzles should strive to subvert expectations, not conform to them) or going through an excessively long platforming journey to find the switch.

The teleporting aspect is basically irrelevant. If you gave the character a double jump, or a lot more speed, you'd be able to accomplish most of the same things at the moment, because there's not much that involves teleporting in a clever way. The first level was a good start, but then it just became piles of massive levels where the most clever use of teleportation was usually just putting it on a moving object and then warping to it later, or using it as a ghetto version of a doublejump.

So... yeah. OK concept, but very bad execution and level design. Cut the enemies and lava if you want it to be a puzzle game, make the controls better, figure out what you're doing, and make the levels smaller and faster to play through.

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It s bugged, from the first level, the sphere disappeared after i put it down. had to restart the game as soon as the first level. apart from that minor issues. nice concept

Needs polishing, but good

The idea of teleporting to an item that the player can place is good, and the green and red colors make for clear distinctions of environmental hazards.

Main thing is that the levels are really huge, either downsizing them or adding checkpoints cuts down on the frustration for the player. Second the control layout is rather awkward on the keyboard. the standard W, A, S, D is tried and true, or even just altering the grab and teleport buttons. Lastly consider adding some music.

With just a few tweaks you have a great game coming up here.

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run! teleport! ignore! puzzle! go go go!

Since most people think walking speed is too slow, but Tainted-Trixter and me think walking speed is OK, I say to put in a "run" button.

I agree with suggestions for making teleportation quicker. Have the robot turn into a red streak off toward the ball with a super-fast screen scroll towards it.

Ignore suggestions to make the robot jump farther. Tell those reviewers that they just need to suck less. :D

And as coaster1235 pointed out, it'd be nice to have increasing dependence on puzzle solving rather than pure platforming as the game progresses. Maybe multiple different teleportation spheres to manage, wormholes (maybe some that will teleport just the robot or just the sphere), "enemies" that will interact with the sphere (carry it around) in often bad but sometimes beneficial ways. Making doorways that go from one screen to another and whose paths can be altered by flipping switches and requiring teleportation balls to be left in strategic areas to navigate back is one sure way to drive gamers batty.

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Goosfraba responds:

You have many great ideas for the game. Especially the idea that the enemy's could interact with the sphere, I might use that

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Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2011
4:44 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle