Teleporter man Alpha.01

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Hi there, this is an Alpha version of my game Teleporter man. I made this game for a school asignment.
But after I had completed the asignment I noticed that the game is far from being done. I know there are some bugs needed to be fixed and that I need to add more to the game.

But for now I present you all the Alpha version in order to recieve some feedback of the game.


-Walk with the Left and Right arrow key.

-Jump with the Up arrow key

-Press Space to Teleport towards the Teleporting-Bal(TRbal).

-Press "X" to pick up and to drop the TRbal.

-Press "C" to control Switches


I hope you enjoy.
got Ads!! Front Page!! Thank you Tom!!


game is nice cool old fashion camera and everythin

reminds me on supermario 20 years ago.

Ok game

First of all the one thing I noticed is that the game gets very annoying due to the walking noise made throughout the whole game, and no music doesn't help that very much. The game play itself is pretty fun (controls could us some work), but it was waaaaaaaay to short. I was going to give it an 8 till I discovered it was only 3 levels long.

Reminded me of another game...

Am I the only one that thought of Glover while playing this?

A very interesting game, I actually enjoyed the Platforming/puzzle mix feel. BUT I will say it needed more speed. That's one of the biggest thing. Also, I know it's a robot man thing, but it seems a little too... stiff, actually. So it's a GOOD game for being a start. Go forward with this concept, speed up gameplay a little, make the controls a little less haphazard, etc.... And you'll have it ^^

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decide what kind of game you want

the teleporting mechanism just feels forced, its like you started making one game then remembered that your teacher said you had to make a puzzle game.


I was actually enjoying the game, more or less, until I fell into lava and ended up in a death loop: I respawned directly in the lava repeatedly until I got game over.

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3.16 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2011
4:44 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle