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Teleporter man Alpha.01

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Hi there, this is an Alpha version of my game Teleporter man. I made this game for a school asignment.
But after I had completed the asignment I noticed that the game is far from being done. I know there are some bugs needed to be fixed and that I need to add more to the game.

But for now I present you all the Alpha version in order to recieve some feedback of the game.


-Walk with the Left and Right arrow key.

-Jump with the Up arrow key

-Press Space to Teleport towards the Teleporting-Bal(TRbal).

-Press "X" to pick up and to drop the TRbal.

-Press "C" to control Switches


I hope you enjoy.
got Ads!! Front Page!! Thank you Tom!!

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crappy is the style

I know there is a wave of new game with unfancy looks, and that's great because i like them, but this one is just stupid. No imagination at all, an no effort to make it happen.

OK could be improved

needs more than a mere ten minutes of play.


not bad good work :D


This game is amazing, I love how simple it is and I love how it works. The level design could be a bit better, but for a flash game on Newgrounds, it's perfectly fine! Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see this completed.

some cool concepts need better level design

I like the idea of moving an object around that you can teleport to and I like some of the mechanics that you thought up like throwing the ball to kill enemies.

However, the level designs so far are pretty horrid. For example, in the level where you had to leave the ball on a moving platform and go through tons of platforms to get to a switch to move the platform, there was no obvious clue that you needed to drop the ball and it's too easy to simply walk past it and then get frustrated by having to go all the way back and simply quit since it's a rather early level. Also, the simple platforming portions of the game seem to be easy but tedious.The main reason I see is that it feels that the robot moves way too slowly and his jump arc is pretty pathetic: he can get to a platform at the same level 3 blocks away but at 4 blocks away he falls down a 10 story building. At the minimum, the speed of the game needs to be faster or I will get bored and fall asleep while going through one of those long sequences of simple but boring platforming. You can probably make the robot move faster+jump farther and expand the whole level to compensate and it will look better.

I can see 2 ways you can proceed with the game. 1 way is to make small levels that focus more towards puzzling. Another way would be to make longer levels for a more adventure feel but possibly put save points so that people don't ragequit from large losses of progress.

Also, I think the enemies need a bigger aggro radius so that you don't see the frozen enemies before they attack unless you're doing that on purpose.
Also, you probably need more enemy types as the current enemies seem to be suicidal as it gets easier to hit them the closer they get.

You a very promising main mechanic and it would be interesting to see how you can make it interact with other existing platforming mechanics.

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3.78 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2011
4:44 PM EST