SteerWheels 3

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Drive the yellow ball to the goal in this fun, physics based game!

Use Left and Right to move the car and Space to select.

To reset a level press Down, you can also quit a level by pressing M.

There is a level select in the menu!

Reviews are greatly appreciated! :)

Made using Adobe CS4 and APE (Actionscript Physics Engine)



life system

maybe instead limit the amount of resets you get, or set time limits, instead of a continuous type deal you got going there?

nice game. music gets annoying after a while.

Overall a nice game. Idea is nice, controls are responsive. Gameplay is original.
The music was a bit too much after a while playing.
Maybe you can give the possibility to play without high-scores, so you can spend as long as you want in a level. Or being able to continue but with a score penalty, or losing the score. If I'm stuck in a level, I don't want to have to play from the beginning just to get to the level that's causing me trouble.

tudway responds:

You don't have to! There is a level select in the menu!

accually pretty fun,

but i didnt get the life system, randomly dying in the midddle of a pussle was a bit offsetting

tudway responds:

Lots of people agree with you on the life system, however i feel it is as much a part of the game as the physics. Without it the high scores wouldn't be as competitive. Thanks for the review and for playing! :)

Very nice minimalistic design

However, I think that this game could use more levels involving some of the areas you explored. For instance you could make more switch based levels, more speed based levels, more block pushing based levels... (and if your just looking for programming challenges, what about levels against AI?)

I dunno, just offering up some suggestions, good job though.

tudway responds:

Yeah i know what you mean about exploring the different concepts used. If i ever made another one than i most certainly would!

Heh :D

Ehh, colors are a little drab, and the music is still ringing in my ears but it was fun. That was fun. Everthing was simple but it pushes most players. I like it. Alot. More variety in the colors, music, and maybe a little customization to the bike and maybe it will be front paged. But I didnt have a problem with this, I quickly knew the concept. you lil clever guy you :)

tudway responds:

Cheers! I think the colour scheme is nice and soothing to the eye.

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3.46 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2011
10:57 AM EST
Puzzles - Other