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Snarlie Brown

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This was originally made in 1999, back when dialup was king. Really cheesy interface, no voice talent.


Holy crap! I remember this from the very, VERY old Newgrounds Portal (circa 1999-2000, to be exact) and am so happy to finally see it again after all these years. I also recall how satisfying it was to see Lucy/Loosey receive her long-awaited comeuppance for the first time. Hilariously awesome!

Ha, ha!

I saw the fake version on my Newgrounds Secrets.
And how you submited this again?

Oh, well. this was a good movie anyway.

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EvilDave strikes agan, but with a lessened impact.

The most dedicated NG users will obviously remember this movie form the earlier days of NG. Still, its legacy *cough* lives on *cough*.

Back in the day when the internet was still a new thing, comedy as we know it today was still sticking to its safe non-offensive ways. Remember that at once point even the Simpsons was considered outrageous for its time.

This flash would have been completely insulting, disgusting, and offensive, and would have made an incredible impact on the evolution of what defines humour.

Nowadays this type of violent humour is the norm. Rape and violence are in every second flash these days, and the majority of what made this flash such a hit is now non-existant.

After 12 years, we expected more than a simply addition of "Parody-fair use!" in the upper right hand corner. The animation is atrocious by todays standards, and the music is tediously repetitive. Voice acting could have made this flash pretty funny, but yet you still kept the pace-breaking speech bubbles.

The humour is non-existant in this flash. Just because it was a landmark flash doesn't mean sheer brutality is funny. Modern flashes mix in witty insults into their violence, and the occasional ironic joke helps.

This flash is both un-representative and representative of Newgrounds. Everytihng by everything describes this flash perfectly. But when the majority of users strive to improve their flash, even if it is a re-make, this 12-year wait is a major disappointment.

1 star for legacy. 1 star for content.

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an absolute landmark, this is pretty cool, especially the brutal violence and sheer simpicity of it all!


Even through the animation is kinda crappy and the music is repetitive, it's still hilarious and has a lot of shock value, still an absolute classic in the history of flash

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4.06 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2011
4:33 AM EST
Comedy - Parody