Snarlie Brown

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This was originally made in 1999, back when dialup was king. Really cheesy interface, no voice talent.

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Charles Schultz saw this and then he died.

From what Tom Fulp told us in his forum, you shall be forever missed, EvilDave.
Rest in Peace. =,(

But heed my warning, everyone!!: Whenever you have pneumonia.........DO NOT HESITATE AND SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY!!!! Why? So you guys won't end up like Jim Henson(muppet creator and voice actor.) or Bob Hoskins(that British movie actor known to play as Cockneys or gangsters. He was also Detective Valiant from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit") or even EvilDave.......or you shall suffer the same tragic fate as they do!

No bullshit!!! You've been warned!

Very inspiring work, I now see why Tom and EvilDave were such good friends

Yup now that youre six feet under youre definately in hell right now. Though to be fair heaven looks like shit either way with tall the extremists so hey have fun bro. We'll miss you here :*(

Snarlie Brown summarizes old school Newgrounds perfectly - nasty, violent, and demented. This absolute classic materialized in an era where shock humor wasn't taken so lightly. The internet must've been some kind of sanctuary for sharing controversial content, mainly because there was never any centralized regulation involved in the submission of content (apart from copyright laws).

By itself, this animation isn't really all that great. The short music loops are hurting my head as I'm typing this review, and the art is really sloppy. I still manage to enjoy it greatly because of this 1999 charm to it, even though I haven't known anything about Newgrounds until I discovered it in 2006.

Do any of you know about that time where some of the first independent online cartoonists were starting to get the hang of Macromedia Flash, and Newgrounds was only beginning to boom? If not, watch Snarlie Brown. Lots of Flash movies in 1999 looked like this, albeit the psychopathy. Snarlie Brown is a definitive landmark in the revolution of humor which Newgrounds sparked. Giblet parodies galore!!!

Let us remember Dave for his role as one of the first Newgrounds contributors.
Rest easy.