Super Nanny

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This is your chance to become a real babysitter in a nursery. To become a super nanny is not that easy as you might think. In this game, you must take care of the babies. Each day you will receive more tasks to accomplish but you must keep under control every one of them.


More annoying than fun

First of all, a tutorial or something would have been nice. Took me 5 mins to figure out how the hand worked. For some reason, the babies would cry with no requests. Its a nice game, but the concept may not be to accepting by some. I had to turn off the game because the baby crying was driving me nuts. I guess thats pretty close to the real thing, huh?


Game was done good, just the subject matter made this game obnoxious. Crying babies are no fun to listen to. Apply this same idea to something a bit less annoying and you would have a better concept. However, if you like to hear crying babies this might do it for you.


I don't love babies.

Dammed babies. . .

They all wanted the music toy at the same time. . . and i got frigged.

Rather clean, but not quite fun for me

The idea is good and the gameplay is overall smooth but for me it wasn't really fun. Probably because, well, taking care of children just can be a total drag after hearing the same cry sound effect for the 300th time lol. Aside from rare issues I saw such as crying babies without any need bubbles to fill the game was pretty clean I just wish it was a little more bearable. That could just be me however XD

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2.62 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2011
3:26 AM EST
Skill - Other