A Mother in Festerwood

January 30, 2011 –
November 20, 2017
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Although the world habits dangers of violence and gore,
a young child's task is mostly to play
and to explore.

The job of a mother involves knowing when to hold your child back from the dangers of the world, and making sure the child can handle himself when he becomes too old for you to keep him.

+ Use the mouse to control the mother.
+ You can keep your tiny child near your home protecting him from danger.
+ Letting your child explore alone allows him to gain experience and eventually be able to handle himself.


Interesting concept. Would like to see it above the "how long can you keep the child inside the borders before he eventually escapes and you won't be doing nothing in which point you will switch to another tab/window and see something else and just come back to see if he died or not and then rinse and repeat" mechanic :)

Good concept (with much bugs but good concept anyway) you are a mother and you need protect your child, but let explore the world for be more powerful.

Getting my little man to grow up was more rewarding than a lot of AAA games.

I really like it, simple. Watching your curious son grow, while stopping him from wandering off where you can't protect him. It made me realize how scary being a parent could be: should you let them discover life of their own or shelter them from danger; I guess you strive for the perfect balance. It especially made me worried when he strayed TOWARDS the monsters and I couldn't do anything about it, but watch. Overall, it's nice.

This game is five stars.... but it's glitchy. Every time the kid is really killing it it restarts to the beginning screen and you can still hear 2 tracks playing and random achievements pop up.... (Ones I have usually)

Excelente juego y la música me pone triste ;(
Te Amo Mamá ;)

Good concept, but a little buggy. When I stayed by the house and let my son explore, at about age 12 a weird explosion (the sprite when the son destroys a monster) kept going off. One was towards the right side of the screen, and another was in the upper left corner. It was super annoying and weird and didn't stop until my son died (age 20).

Eventually, the right side one stopped, but then restarted somewhere else. The upper left corner one kept right on the whole way through though.

Also, my son went right and off-screen totally for a while, then he'd come back, only to go off-screen again. Intentional?

I know this is an old game but, dude, wtf happened? I can't really enjoy this, nor can I give you more than 3 stars for it (and I'm being generous...the son's AI is really poor. I don't even touch him, yet he hardly gets any HP or strength, AND he heads straight for the toughest monster on the block. Your point and the execution do not match up at all, imo).

pd: WTF i leave the kid alone (have 1-3 years) the kid try out of the circle and i unlock a secret medal ''Magic Pink Man'' WTF?

Good, go ahead and attack the dragon first, don't let the fact you're 11 hold you back.

Oh my, my son is such an idiot.

wow my son died at the age of 40

20 year old boy:can i go explore the world now.
mom:no now get back in the house NOW!!!!!

Child: I want to go out and explore the world!

this game has a great concept, it has good replay factor, it's well done, and so on, but boy does it seem sad. I blame that on the music. I think something less depressing (to me, anyway) for music, or an option to turn it off would have made this game a LOT better. I don't mind the retro sound at all, I just don't like how sad it sounds.

that complaint aside, this is a good game. I like the fact that your actions directly affect your child and can either cause him to be overly sheltered, get killed prematurely, or go out and do a bunch of heroic things. as I said, it's a very good concept. it's just that the music makes me feel like it's a sad game.

Graphics: 4/5 [Good graphics but too minimalistic]
Sound/Music: 3/5 [Retro lovely music <3]
Gameplay: 1/5 [There's not much gameplay, just moving the mouse]
Fun: 2/5 [It's funny but it gets boring when the kid has 15 years]
Difficulty: 4/5 [It's equilibrated but you have to be lucky to win the game]
Final Rating: 7/10 [It's ejoyable but it's like a casual game, to play it when you are bored]
Ideas: You can make that if you left click, you child goes to where you are.

really fun game, but there is a huge element of chance. That makes it fun, sure, but there should be some limit. For instance, I just recently played a game where I did not move at all. Not even a little. In this game, the child grew up, left the house, found the sword, and survived to adulthood--despite having run-ins with both the giant and the blob creature in the upper right. Does this mean I am a horrible mother, or a great mother? My child survived to be a great warrior with 22 or so attack, but I sure didn't do anything...

I really do like the content. It is a cute game, which does do what it is intended in showing the AWESOMENESS of mothers. However, I think that there should be some penalty for a mother who ignores their child. But then again, that would ruin the spontaneousness of the game...

Your games are always very creative, they always have a deeper meaning, this one more evident than your other games but still has a purpose.
It annoys me that some people cannot understand the true meaning or judge wrongly of it because of the graphics or other aspects aside from the point.
Like all your other games, this is brilliant, an excellent message and concept.

They become Teeangers at age 13, not 12. And they become Adults at 21.

great game its a bit hard

Coming back to this game after a long while, I really hope that this gets front-paged for Mother's Day. I don't know if it was intentional, but the game sent a powerful message about being a Mother.

Sometimes there's only so much you can do to protect your kids from the dangers they can't see. Sometimes you have to let go, because they have to be able to do things for themselves. There's patience that goes into raising your children. There's the anxiety of seeing them get hurt. There's the hope that they'll come back. There's the joy when you see them succeed.

Many wonderful ideas were crammed into this minimalist game, and I applaud you for that.

Turns out I really enjoy being a terrible mother.
I like watching the cyclopse picking chubby baby fat from his teeth. :l
Great concept.

Great concept, poor execution. Moving the mother should be done with arrow keys, not the mouse. Also you need to use hit boxes because the way you have it set up now the mother gets caught on all kinds of edges of the house and even stuck between the dots of the border. At one point when the boy was only 7 I got stuck in the top left edge of the circle. No matter where I moved the mouse she would not move.

Also, lol at the last guy using the word "incest" instead of "instinct".

that kid is too dumb to live, on like ten games he reached the age of eight and his first incest was to go give the cyclops in the bottoms right of the screen a hug.

Thought-provoking and meaningful. Sometimes the controls get a little bit wonky-but I just dismiss that as being another factor showing the difficulties of parenthood.

Very cool game. It really makes you think. I managed to unlock all of the medals finally :).

I also liked how you added a Magic Pink Man reference in there ;)

This game is amazing, but seems to reset whenever I scroll down with my mouse wheel. Running Chrome Version 23.0.1271.95 m.

Otherwise, I love the feel brought on by the background music, simple design/pixel art, and little secrets. The poem in the beginning sets a very good tone, as well.

Very great game. It really makes you think. I tried over and over again to beat this all the while screaming at the computer screen saying "NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING COME HOME NOW." And I realized, many things during that process. In the real world, we don't get 2nd chances with our children. And whether when to protect and to let free is the most difficult thing to decide. But, I ended up winning the game.
*SPOILERS* If you are determined just like I was, you might want to work for this ending.
I tried many times but I protected him until he was 10 and I let him go on free. He kept getting hurt but, when he reached the age of 27 the screen went black and it showed a little animation of him coming home and telling his mother about the wealth and the fighting and then he goes inside and the mother has a little heart bubble over her head. You then go to a black screen with the title and a button that will take you back to the menu screen. You get the motherhood achievement and idk about you guys but I am touched. I cried as if I was the mother because I tried many times with this game and the win was that much more gratifying.

Seriously worth trying to win. It's difficult but, that makes winning so much sweeter. <3

What are you supposed to do lol

My kid went of the screen for a while and just as I was about to give up, he came back, in his 20's, and killed the dragon. So just because of that awesome game. However, it is annoying when the mother gets stuck on the circle and when the game goes on a restarting loop..

this game is rubish but the tuns ar good=!

At the start, I couldn't see my child, so I didn't know what I was doing, and with there being so much things moving around the screen, it was unclear to me what was required. Eventually, I realised what I was doing. xDDD It's hard to navigate the child, so my son left the house, crashed into a bear and died at the age of 16.

I let my son do whatever the fuck he want since year 1, and he died at the age of 22 being Level 20 and a warrior. Your mom is so proud :')

I manage to make him stay alive until the 20's, but the fucker always go outside to kill some things and die around 24 years old. Crap.

my kid was 17 and was eaten by a bear :I
awesome game though

A great game that has obviously thought put into it and has replay value. Well, all of your games are deep and artsy and awesome.
My only complaint is that even though my kid was an adult and had plenty of health left he apparently died and the game went to the start. That glitch is annoying, since this there isn't much control over the characters and it takes time and patience to get to that point.

miluvrox: I got the medal 'Motherhood' after a couple of plays. You just have to never leave the kid alone...that poor bastard.

I love this game a lot and I replay it often. I just have to ask. Is 'Motherhood' supposed to be a medal or just the ending because I've finished this game a couple of times and 'Motherhood' never shows up as a medal.

Good game, lovely idea. I got to adulthood however and that glitch repeatedly happened.

nice game but it keeps glitching, it will just loop from the start to the play button

bad game

well another one ....first of all mouse touching games always gives a plus ...no plus is those couple of glitches found tru playing ...i got 1 bug loops me from start to play button until i refresh my browser ....
next bug is my child is sticking out of the screen in nowheres land ....mother stick in here invisible circle she cant pass and wont move any direction after sticky state....i tested the keep the child as long as you can method by me ,and do nothing method....well results for aktive and passiv are near the same ,its a have luck /dont have luck perma switch .....like my child is about 3 years alone in the forest reach level 25 and dies ....i keep it until age of 20 and it runs tru cross the map to the big oger and dies after touching it ever and ever again.....
i still dont get the goodie idea behind treasures....
well the medal work absolutly fine ....sound is ok but after 20 min i wish me a perma mute button....
the game is in normal windows mode extrem small ....the child near invisible from 0-3 years .....
3,5/5 idea beind is good ,but to many glitches/bugs and the design (sry not my kind of art ) cost a few points .gretinx

Very good and touching game. Good simplistic graphics that gave a loving vibe, as well as the music. Overall it's a great game with a concept i've never seen before.


I liked the game. It isn't something I'd play more than a few times, but it was fun. However, my second time playing it, when I got the Warrior medal, the game stopped working. It made several flashes back to the menu screen, and it wouldn't work anymore. I refreshed it and things seem to be fine, but it's a glitch you should look into.

Yes, another art game to review! Let's get started, shall we?

First thing's first, let's get down to the key point: the gameplay and plot. Well, while the plot is pretty self-explanatory; you're a mother trying to keep her son from the dangers of the woods as he slowly matures from child to adult, the way you implemented the gameplay enticed me. Instead of using the keyboard (something I have come to expect from most games), we are using the computer mouse to control the mother! Now, this is all fine and dandy, and is actually a very nice touch to the game, but it can get a bit irritating, at times, especially if your mouse's cursor speed is rather slow. But, that's not much of a huge issue, so I digress.

Next, let's talk about the music. The music that I hear while playing this game is simple and relaxing, but I feel as if it is lacking that charm that the music in most art games possess. To be honest, I have no idea what-so-ever what is missing, it's just that the song's a bit bland. Of course, this game is supposed to be peaceful, I would assume, so the music fits well with the atmosphere.

Lastly, I'll talk about the graphics. To be honest, I think that they looked rather nice. The simplicity added a peaceful feel to the game, and added to it, I think.

Overall, I must say, well done! While the game is far from being the greatest, I'd say that you're on your way to becoming a master at art game creation. I rate A Mother in Festerwood a 6/10!

Keep up the good work! :)

My son was 23. And died. I must had been a crappy mother.
I got "Momma's boy" medal, so maybe I haven't prepared him for life well? But he died anyway, so maybe I was right?
Because I'm thinking about it now, it's a damn good art game.

hehe ok this was very "CUTE" really cute, and it was entertaining i actually was very pleased with the game, it was not too complicated and wasent so simple either not sure how all the script worked and such but for the "GAME-PLAY" you presented a very pleasent and soothing good, i think the downfall of the game was the lack of interactivity, like the mother only able to travel in the circle area maybe allow her to travel more outside that range somehow, would be more interactive but alos the monsters could still kill her and theres room there for some more medals allowing more fun for all, but besides all that i enjoyed it so props to you for a pleasent game.

I suggested a few options of making it better wih more interactivity from mother and even monsters.

fun and "PLEASENT" game could use abit more for more fun factor.


This made me think of my mom, whom I love so dearly. Very nicely done. The simplicity really works.

Its a cool game and like it.

But there is somethin' thats buggin' me... why is she living in the middle of the forest?? An where's his dad? Did he went somewhere and got lost?? anyways, great game, cool music, like it.

As I shouted at my screen, I realized the futility of my actions for my child would not listen to my voice.
Then he died.
This was awesome.

Aw this was awesome. Totally innovative, enjoyable and simple. Love the music.

Really interesting game that I came back to play again :) love the message and how even though as the mother your role is limited watching the child keeps it interesting.

I feel compelled to review this, so i will. The basis is that you control the mother. You don't control the child. You can never control the child because (if I'm getting this right) a parent can never fully control their child. You have to let them explore but shield them from danger. It's a balancing act that shows how a parent stands. Of course some play-troughs are going to be easy, random enemy movement is kind of hard to control, but it adds an unintentional (i think) message to the game. Every child's life is going have different circumstances. Some are going to have things easy, but grow up okay, while others will have to be watched and held close to achieve the same result.
On the actual game play side it's okay. The mother's limited movement is part of the message, although it gets annoying when the little bugger is just out of reach, i would add a call function with the mouse button, that gets less probable to work the father the kid is. Music is soft and calming even when the kid is in danger, because the mother never is. Overall I'd say it's a good game, more about the message but i like that sort of thing.

*first attempt* 1-7 yrs Inside fence 10 12 13 inside, died 14.
*second attempt* whole life outside. beat game. all you have to do is let that little sucker do what they want and watch. boring game with restricted plot and extremely easy. please add a plot and make the mom do more. at least make her move faster to keep him inside when needed.(which is almost never)
ps: where is dad?

I understand that the designer is trying to make a point about the difficulties of motherhood and letting go of your children, but I just left the first one to do what it wanted. It eventually bounced its way out at about 8 years old and lived to about 22. The second time I worked at keeping the little bugger in. He got out at about 16 and died at 20. It just doesn't seem like a very effective or interesting game. Unless I'm missing something I should be doing, its just boring to watch the little dot bounce around aimlessly until it gets killed.

it has to have upgrades my best 30 years

I really enjoyed this game, but it would often glitch on me and send me to the screen where the add and the play button is.
Otherwise, I really liked the game :)

It's so unique and peaceful.

Also, I found out I should never have kids- I'm a terrible mother.

I love this game and seeing how far I can get him to grow up!
the furthest I've had him is 22.
great job!

Great concept, great execution, great tune, but that "restart bug" don't let me enjoy it fully.

There is also the "medal bug", that is when the game keeps warning you about some medals, even if you already have them or aren't even reaching them (like "getting" the MAGIC PINK MAN when you don't even leave your home).

Yes, these bugs ate much of this game rating.

Kind of boring, as the only way to really get medals is to do nothing.

Game really, really badly needs a mute button as the music is grating to the nerves to say the least.

How many years does the kid have to reach to be considered an adult?
Here it'd be 18 years,,, but seems the game doesnt award a medal at that age...

Have fun! Don't forget to eat your lunch! Stay away from strang-- OH GOD JIMMY. STAY AWAY FROM THE MOOSE. IT WILL KILL YOU. *sobs endlessly*

Great game, although I really would have liked it if it had more than just two rather black and white endings to it. Still quite a fun game that is worthy of being played.

It keeps restarting at random times on me so i can't get through a whole game without having it start over on me. Please fic

I've been playing this game for about 3 minutes then it hit me. Every time I let the parent go to the child, the child runs home, maybe because they don't want to get in trouble. And every time the parent isn't near them they run off away from them. Like most children/teens today they tend to be rude to their parents, such as back-talking, lying, stealing, etc. They become rude for many reasons, such as bullies or jealousy, so they want to run away. But, if you run away from your parents, who love and protect you, your life would be short. In summary this was a very touching game.

You are not suppose to die via moose.

I really enjoyed this game. It gets its point across very strongly with gameplay alone. I would like to see either a little more control or a little less difficulty. Though either of those things might lessen the impact, it would also be nice to have more than 1 in 10 children live. Even simple things like the house healing the child or a right click action were you can call out to him would greatly improve the experience (and the average life expectancy).

I would also like to see more paths for the child to follow: farmer, hero, villain, lord, scholar, monster slayer, merchant, etc, etc. That way you could feel a sense of accomplishment for his actions and not just his sheer clingy-ness to mom.

Overall I did enjoy my experience with this game. It reminded me a lot of The Legend of Zelda Oracle games when you get to help the newlyweds with raising there son.

If it weren't for the random restarting this game would be some what enjoyable.

I dont know which purpose shares this game but its not entertaining, all you can do its control the mother and keep the child. The child is always running away on higher levels, and as adult with lvl 24 and 10 strenght cant kill his own shadow, cmon dude...

If it weren't for the fact that it randomly restarts itself. Makes it rather frustrating to play, especially for mothers who kept their kid in as long as possible, and then watched him turn into a monster slaying badass.

Fix the restart issues, and your score will increase dramatically.

but the game STILL restarts itself. You should really look into fixing that.

for some reason, I get to a certain age and I get a lot of damage for absolutely no reason!

good and all but the kid is a freakin' little devil!!! MAX: 24 YEARZ!!!

suddently as adult when 5 lives left the game ends with them entering the house, i dont know what i can do to so that he can become warrior

When my kid killed 2 rabbits the game restarted

Fun concept.
"Oh as a mother when your child leaves the nest all you can REALLY do is PRAY"
That doesnt change the fact that this is a buggy game.
When my kid became the warrior, every time he killed something and it exploded the animation kept looping, accompanied by the sound. Annoying!
Also I KNOW Im not able to go out of the circle, but i should be able to move around it fluently, dont you think? That was SO choppy. Also I got my ass stuck in the circle at some point aaagh.

Pretty ok tho. Hugs

One its impossible to call your son back before he gets killed by a large monster in the woods. It would be nice if you could do this as when he gets to be a teen it is almost impossible to keep him in the safe zone which means he will die quickly.

I can understand having him gain more attack when you are not as close but why have that when you can't stop him from killing himself.

Has that fixel feel, good audio, style and theme. It was hard at first because of the childs AI but since when is a 3 year old supposed to have even good organic intelligence. I beat it after 2 or 3 tries and it was rewarding just to see him come back alive. Any game that is that rewarding yet so simple is just... You did a good job.

A good idea in all, but very hard. my kid kept on running strait to that cyclops and dying. But I kinda liked it.

said it :P ^

Decent concept and I like the pixel graphics. Unfortunately there is not nearly enough control in this game, it's almost a simple non-interactive simulator. The mother also moves a hair to slow to be of any use raising a child. And there is just about enough AI for the kid to live past 21 in 1 out of 1,000,000 games.

Wouldn't it be so laggy it could be an interesting thingy.

But my Kid is faily to dumb..but it's fun for a short while!

If he kid had some better AI not to blindly run into the same monster and get killed, I could enjoy watching and doing nothing.

I liked it up until I got the warrior achievement and it jumped back to the loading screen, then the main menu, then restarted the game, then the loading screen again. Over and over.
Other times, when enemies blow up, they keep blowing up over and over.
It's hard enough to win at a game that, by design, you have so little control in. Code this better, dammit.

They are freaking ogres and evil trees...i mean damn...it sucks being a kid there!

It's fun to watch the kid grow and be able to defeat new things, but most of the time we will just walk up to a the evil tree and wait there until he dies.

I was really interested in this game, but you can hardly do anything --
matter of fact, you can't. All you do is run in circles. :/

the controls are a bit awkward and the range and speed the mother the mother can use are making it too hard

this game is great in order to get the warrior you must grab the sword.... it seems magic pink man is very random wtf and my guy keeps going after the ogre

Is there any way to stop him trying to take on a bear at like 8? Its stupid!

The music is awful. Like, all of it.
Seriously though, the kid just runs into the forest and it gets to the point where you can't stop him from doing so. The stupid brat runs straight into trolls and crap. I do like the concept, but it needs work in a lot of areas.

My boy did not just get killed by a bunny.

I love this game.

You cant be the child when hes 14 Even WTF is wrong with the child any way all he does is run into the ogers!

Every time I start I leave the child as soon as possible. When he survives, he still isn't a warrior. How do you get the warrior medal?

Yes, alright, he's a kid, and it's sort of expected that he'll be a bit of an idiot for a while. But a kid who's 15 shouldn't be running off to get eaten by bears. Some sort of AI that would at least make him run away from things that can kill him would be nice. As it is, he basically charges out into the woods and gets attacked by bats, spiders, and dragons as soon as you let him out of the circle.

With some practice and some luck I was able to do fairly well and keep him alive for a long time. Never was able to get the warrior medal but was able to get the other ones without too much trouble. Great concept but could use some tweaks so the child isn't so random.

I love the concept, but I had a very nasty glitch. Whenever the child would get to be about 20 the game would restart itself constantly, over and over again. Moving the mouse would cause it to restart. I have no idea what it's connected to. The medal pink man would keep popping up over and over. Other than that, great game.

After finishing this game, I cried.
Growing up, I never really had that good of a relationship with my mother, and this game finally made me see things her way.
The forest, in a way, is an allegory for the real world. As the mother, you watch your child grow and eventually prepare himself for these dangers. However, your purest intetion is to make sure that your child is safe, if he can't fend for himself, and he dies while trying to, you have failed in your mission.
See, I never truly understood how this felt until playing this game. Growing up, I thought my mom was just being a bit of a control freak. Now, I see that she was only trying to keep me safe.
This game made me realize how easy my mother has been on me in recent years, and how little credit I've given her for it.
Mr. Breed, I thank you for making me realize what I have been oblivious to for the past 16 years of my life.
Keep up the great work, my friend.

What you have done, Mr. Breed is to marry the adolescent with the adult. Playing this kind of game is an entirely different kind of adventure. Most all of our exciting media is rooted in the ideas and fantasies that occur during adolescence. It stands the test of time and I clearly don't mean to imply that games that I describe as adolescent are bad. They just don't evoke the same kind of motivations. Most games are about achieving things. This one is about protecting something... well, nurturing. I really enjoyed the fact that you made this in response to your mother's situation. I would say that it takes talent and an outside the box approach to creating games that exist outside the typical realm of... EXPLORE, FIGHT, SURVIVE, etc... exciting but transient and fleeting experiences.

A game like this, your actions become less and less important over time but you feel the constant desire that you WANT to do something. Maybe out of boredom for some, but out of the intrinsic motivation of a protector rendered obsolete.

Suggestions for game mechanics.

As it is, I think there should be a little more strategy involving being able to guide/push the kid out of the circle towards treasures or enemies that he is strong enough to handle at the time. Of course, you really should add like a "dinner's ready" yell, mechanic... that has a chance of making the kid come back within the homestead's area should he be in earshot.

Something to spend money on. Food, medicine, fences. Things that would benefit the growing child (such as nutritious food for a stronger child, restore health up to a max hp, fences/gates the player controlled character can move to and open or close until manipulated again).

The option to have a second or third child. I'd like to see a two player option where a Father is present and when needed can go from making money for the family to spend (in addition to treasures being found by children) to being capable (while father is still young enough to do so) to assist in the wilderness should the child wander off too soon. Limited use of these abilities and less effective over time, of course, would be the cardinal rule to balance this new mechanic.

I like the sibling idea because trial and error really is how parents learn to raise children. I'm the elder of two brothers, and though we have distinct differences in innate abilities (base stat builds) the tradeoff's come in two ways. First children can count on their parents help more, as they would be young together for a while, even as adults. Yet, younger children could pull from more funds and have more experienced parents. But the elder children should never be able to be controlled... and you could add a parameter to determine the likelihood of an adult child to return home or to aid a family member.

The mother and the home should not always be safe. Eventually the player(s) will be helpless and they will depend on their children to protect the homestead. But why wait? Mom and dad's stats continually drop with age, as the children's continually rise. At first, mom and dad can fend off attacks, (or should father or mother die, or abandon the family *disconnected*) defense structures beyond a fence, like traps could be laid out, or maybe a magic rune turret or something that would function as a mounted defense on a fence or other structure.

Well, anyways, I'm running out of characters. I like this, and see a lot of potential. As someone who plays a lot of games to experience new things vicariously... something other than the flavors of the adolescent part of life are really rare in a lot of mediums, gaming especially. This can be done as good or bad as you want... because I don't think it should be -anything- like a "train your little guy" game. Your child can't be controlled, only supported and appeased.

I thought I noticed the mother's hair graying in this, and it really made me come up with a lot of these ideas at once. Overall, good. Gratifying to succeed at. Could be developed into something AMAZING and UNIQUE.

I really like the game, I've been playin it for long time, but one thing really pisses me off - when I think my child's on a good way to warrior, the game resets and brings me to main screen.

I needs improvment good idea just better ways to control the kid seriously as soon as he left at age 12 he never cameback adn died at 19

At one point my child went off, killed a ghost and then the game flickered to the main screen then without clicking play it started gave me pink medal, then went back to the main screen...it did this over and over and OVER

A neat concept, but it should be improved. One thing I found was that using the mouse to move the mother had a few problems. Sometimes it was harder to get her to move where she should be. Letting you use the keyboard would be nice. Also, some way to control where the kid goes would be good.

Maybe not the most exciting game play, but an interesting concept executed nicely.

Fuck i realized that when momma would die i would also god that killed my mom. Fuck him...

reminds me of 'passage'. not much gameplay in here, ut still very good.

There honestly could of been more discovering in this game.

Give us some way to control part of the child's movement outside the house. Otherwise, it will be totally luck based outside the red circle. Another thing i realized is that you have no reliable way to regenerate the child. At least make his hp +1 when he touches the house.
Overall, unique concept and I like the sad tone of the music.

A Flash game for your Mom..... Thats Awesome!

My kid died a few times, but he eventually had a grand ol' adventure. Nice music, but a bit boring. Really, really, nice though.

That's Bugged.

Está "Bugado"

it's very hard

I think it needs another medal - Negligent: allows the child to leave before a certain age.

Sometimes the kid would wander off the sides of the game screen, so I couldn't see what he'd be killed by. He just disappeared and then died. Fix the screen width, I guess.

one start for making a game.
the either nine were wasted on the music and the gameplay

When my child's at 18,it goes to the loading screen.When I start
again,it goes to loading screen at 3 years old.After that two,then
one,and finally 1 and 3.50 seconds.Aside from that,amazing!I even
got a secret achievement before the glitch started!I'm not supp-
osed to tell how you get it,so I won't.Thanks for making another
epic pixel game.

You make me smile when this game is on Newgrounds!!!!!!!!!

Unique idea but there's very little to the game play. The mom should be able to at least have the ability to call her kid back or warn the kid.
The kid's stats don't go up much either, he doesn't have really chance in survival once you let him free.

But there are some flaws, you could work a bit more on the graphics, and i would like to see a wider moving range to begin with as then when the child grows older it will close up and till then his around 18+ is gone as it would be in real life, but else it pretty good overall keep up

i let my kid go out at like 8 and he didnt die

if you wait til the boy is like 12 or 13 before you let him go out in the forest, you can follow him around :)
but it's still pretty hard to get him out of trouble..

Why does the boy run into dangers. I don't even know how to make the child become a killer. And the mother should be able to leave the perimiter and save the child.

look good concept, good game, 1 HUGE problem is the fact you can't control or help the child at all, I know that kind of contributes to the meaning of the game but it's bs when your kid goes out like a spaz and gets pwnd EVERY time I mean seriously that kid is a moron :/ still a great game though

nice idea but one thing bothers me:
"There little boy, do you see the little rabbit go for it!"
-"Ok, mommy. Oh a dragon? Forget the bunny I'll go for him!" R.I.P.

The boy is a little bit too suicidal

this was nice but could some1 tell me how to get the last 2 medals(the secret ones)

I can't really give it a ten because it's kinda buggy, like it cycles through the start, menu and game screen. But the idea was fun and I made it to adulthood with no problems.

The concept with this game is touching. You can experience parenting from this flash alone. Of course in real life, instead of monsters and wild animals, children will face crushing debts, terrorists, pollution, and etc.

The only gripe I have are the bugs. The graphics are fine (and I insist you stay with this, its nostalgic), the concept is great. Its just the bugs. My kid always try to go outside the edges and when that happens, he gets killed. There is also a lack of feature. Parenting isn't always sitting on your ass and hope your kid doesn't get killed or get away from your house. There should be more control, something that helps the kid to survive outside. Like dropping supplies.

Overall, I like the concept, though I highly doubt you're making a sequel to this anytime soon.


I like all your games, very unique, very original.

Strangely addictive for a game that relies heavily on a random element over which the player has no control...

Only annoyance is the mother can't leave the circle - damn anti-mother forcefield (I didn't think that technology was possible....). It would have probably suited the game mechanic better to have the circle, but if the mother leaves it, the monsters swarm her, and because she only has one hit point, rapid death is inevitable.

WTF happens after the child picks up the sword? It only has happened once for me, but then the game "restarted" continuously, cycling between the loading screen, then the menu screen, then the game. This one of the game bugs I keep getting (randomly - doesn't appear to be caused by anything specific - the last time it happened for me the child was 17 & lvl 6 and happily wandering the forest having managed not to encounter any monsters yet).

Another bug is getting the Magic Pink Man medal without the child encountering the Magic Pink Man (sometimes I have even got it after a game restart).

That's a really good game, the atmosphere, the concept, even the simple design was nice to see. But really, too much bugs, that's a shame as the game is just fine.

I found a bug... when the boy killed 2 things pretty much at the same time (a spider and bat were on top of each other) the kill animation and explode sound got stuck repeating.

Otherwise, it was fun. My kid never lived past 27 (attack of 11). Stupid boy, nothing but trouble from the beginning.

The trick seems to be a balanced approach, trying to give the kid a little space, but stopping him from leaving the circle at all costs until his attack is at least 7.

Really like this game, the theme is great. Had quite a few issues with bugs firing whenever I got a medal, though.

...with using this as an analogy is that A) parents usually have the ability to exert significantly more control over their children while they're nearby, even if they don't choose to, and B) most people, even if they're puberty-crazed teens or naive little kids, know enough to run away from big scary things that are trying to kill them. As a metaphor, it's more depressing than hopeful; if kids were that likely to get themselves killed in real life, I doubt we'd have people going around complaining about the population problem. And, as a game, it's kind of frustrating. Why not include some more strategy, like ways to raise the kid so he has more health, or is stronger, or is smart enough to not try to punch a dragon to death?

Still, the graphics are charming, the music is soothing, and the game is enjoyable when the kid actually succeeds, or at least isn't getting himself killed.

its bugged to hell and back and the kids a dumbass. its more luck of the draw if he survives since the only way to get his attack up is to let him out of the yard when hes 3/...

my kid loves to get eattin by bears D;< still insanely fun tho


..it's a nice game
i really like the idea
however the execution is terrible
not only is the game incredibly buggy (had to reload the page 4 times because it kept bugging out on me in a game
but the son also seems to be as dumb as bread
not only does he keep walking into the same dangerous monster over and over again ending up dead no he also manages to avoid all the goodies littered in the level
last but not least the mother can hardly move anywhere at all.. ..sure she isn't supposed to be walking around the darkest parts of the woods.. but she even seems to be afraid to come anywhere near it.. because of all the bunnies maybe?

Its a friendly thought of rasing kids correctly and all. Wish it had more interaction though rather than running around a little kid for 5 minutes maybe like a shotgun to shoot some of the animals to further protect the little guy who thinks the world is nothing and ventures out prematurely to find he wants his mommy but is lost and will die. Keep him till hes 19 if you can and you will win. Just keep to the fence and nudge the kid back every so often as not to lose exp. Closer kid is to the house faster he loses exp if you're in contact with him. He returns at 28 by the way.

The game didn't have much in it all it was was a mom who tries to keep her child in until a safe age so he can go out.
The idea is awesome the game isn't so awesome because when the kid is 14+ he can practically outrun you and you can't bring him back to the house or give him a sword. You basically watch you dumb kid die.
Other then that
Idea 9 out of 10
Game 6 out of 10 so
7.5 out of 10

Im sure the author created this game knowing what alot of people would do.

Basically the game is to show that too much caring of your kid could lead to him being even more in danger in the future (curiousity & shit), so you let him explore while he's young. He might get hurt but that's part of life, he'll learn on his own. But if you keep trying to hold him back, he's just gonna wanna run away even more. I beat the game and achieved "motherhood" when the mom gets all old and shit and the son returns.. at around age 26 i think? good game, deep & props on the mindgames

The game manages to pull off an interesting concept, liked the art and music.

For everyone who says the child has down syndrome, he's not. It's the mother who decided to move in the middle of the fuckin' woods where monsters surround them who is retarded.

Good game, in general.

You have to prevent your child from going out of the woods,and hope he actually survives.There should have been bait to get him back home or go to things he never saw before.When he was near the fountain,he just went circles and killed himself,wtf?It should have been 'ooooh a fountain' and goes there.

This is just stupid, it's not even much a game. You sit down watch your kid run off and die, you can only really prevent him when he's like little. Had neat music though.

10 year olds do not get to leave home on their own, cause the retard bolts right for the dragon... the kid gets faster than the mom and it gets so hard to keep him in the fence and as soon as he gets out he decides its in his best interest to go to some far off corner, get stuck there and die. This isn't so much a game as it is just frustrating... and because its more of an "art game" than anything else that might be what ur going for but i guess this type of thing just isn't for me

The fucking kid has down syndrome. i cant play this game. looked cool. but, stupid kid... plus. LET ME TURN OFF THE MUSIC. there needs to be a better way to control the kid because running into him is not working. there should be a learning thing with the kid because at age 1 he will bolt right into a fuckin bear.

But it makes me feel a certain way. Regardless of whoever disagrees..

I like it.

checked the medal qualifications, recieved all but one but got no credit for them. weird game.... fairly easy..

Nice, functional, and easy once you figure out how your mom acts. I just kept him home until I got the 'Momma's Boy' achievement. Then I let him do whatever he wanted. Come on people, WHO LETS A F$#@ING % YEAR OLD FIGHT MONSTERS!!!
Just stay home Timmy.

pretty damn hard.kid needs to slow the fuck down and listen to his damn mother.

i appreciate the originality of the game and the ideal however as far as gaming goes its not really a game :-p other then that there does seem to be a bug that resets it at certain points you may wanna look out for that i dont really have anything other to say other then keep up the original ideas

Great game just when i got the warrior badge the game reseted, went to main menu, started again and i got the medal and would continue the pattern without me touching a thing

firestarter7, you know who else is a blithering idiot? I got him to adulthood my one and only time playing the game.

Just keep him from leaving the yard until he's 18 for crying out loud, that's what I did, then I figured "eh, I won't block him any more", and he left and started kicking monster ass or something, and he came back when he was 25 I think and that was the end. There's nothing complicated to it.

Still, there's not a lot of point to the whole thing. Another slice of life thing with no particular message at that time passes.

By the way, Austinbreed, he's not a teenager until he's 13. That's why they call it "teenager". Because you know, 13, it ends with teen. And 12 doesn't.

Okay, first off let me say I do not care that the game is completely random. I do not care that the child is a blithering idiot. I do not care that I have to try 10 times just to raise him to adulthood, much less having no control over anything in the game. But what I do care about is that this game has bugs; bugs I know is not part of your 'artistic message.' I know for a fact that you had no intention of the medals being awarded for no reason or being sent to the start menu for no reason. These are bugs and a result of poor flash making.

That being said, I understand your message. It's very clever. Good for you. But I cannot in good conscience say this is more than a decent flash game with such flaws.

encountered a bug, when i press play it just sends me to the menu, then makes a weird noise and tells me ive won the treasure hunter medal... :S

All you do is block him from leaving till he's a teen that let him walk off and hope for the best. It's a good concept but with so little influence on the kids actions the player ends up just watching the game and hoping for the best.

Would love to see a updated version with more options

Back when NG was a few years old, Flash meant nothing but simple, unadulterated entertainment with a clear objective. You could jump in at the game with no thought and derive an experience from it.

But like a child, Flashes on NG have "grown up". Usages of Flash has expanded like the options you have as you grow up and frankly, sometimes these options and applications have become seemingly unclear, pointless, dull, and unrewarding.

"Why is this flash intentionally restrictive? Why does this flash have such quaint objectives? What the hell is this flash for?!" Is this flash supposed to give you goodie action fun?! No. You can't derive an experience from this game unless you PONDER. You'll likely fail to get a direct experience from this game unless you've experienced what it's trying to explain in real life.

When you open one of these flashes, don't immediately treat it like a pewpew action fun adventure videogame. Flash wasn't built to just do those things. Flash was built as a way to display things. This includes feelings, morals, and ideas. Ignore the impediments and look at the flash like a damn poem.

Being a "rebellious teenager" with a slight thing for overanalyzing, I'll divulge on what I "learned" from this. What's your kiddo doing? He's rebelling against you. He wants out. What you're feeling for that dumb, rebellious kid is something akin to parenthood. Except the motivation here probably isn't for your kiddo to live a happy, long life, but to rack you achievements. Empty nest sure feels bad, eh?

I don't care if you hate on me, just take the time to read this and reconsider. I'm probably missing some things to say, but eh. Whatever.

I think the message was supposed to be that mothers have to let go sometimes. Only what it really was, was "Mothers have to hold on to their children tightly and baby them endlessly or they will die a horrible death by some monster in the woods"

Seriously, the random idiocy that your 'son' does is astounding. He walks up to an ogre, fights it, leaves barely alive and then GOES BACK? What? Did we drop this poor boy on his head? Has he taken leave of his senses? Or is his fate merely due to lazy programming on the creators part.

This game isn't fun because it is pure chance. The kid moves around and does whatever he feels like which of course is the stupidest thing possible at the moment and you have absolutely no say in it. My kid left at 12 and stayed away for 10 years before he came back for like 2 seconds and died. Wtf?

Throw in a shout fuction, like have the mom make pies that will make him want to come home or something. Fix this PLEASE.

I really loved it, idea is good, but maybe some shout function that makes the kid go back should be added, and I didnt really get the ending kid turned 25 then some sort of short scene started I got motherhood medal and thats it, ut overall - good

got to lvl 7 and age 28 realy hard but pretty good wish he retreats and heals when he gets to like 30% of health

this is a nice game, GREAT consept.
But yes there are some big bugs so i will take off two stars for that.
But the main problem i have with this game is the complet smack in the face the player gets from this game.
You spend an iratatingly long time keeping the kid safe and keeping distence at the same time to help him level up nicly.
Just to have the (no offence) extramly stupid fuction of random movment make him walk off to an enemy to strong for him, he will take some damage and get past it, but then, the smack in the face, the random function makes him tern around go make to the weird blob and start walking over it, again and again and again, and hes dead, and he rarly even picks up a single item and only killed some rabbits and bears, this happend to me 5 out of 6 times.
Its due to the horibly stupid and lazy choise of picking a random function for the movment that terns this game from great to complet and utter shit.

The resetting bug is intense, and I haven't found a way around it. You may want to look in to that.

No stars until you make it playable at least one platform.

But the way you have done it, the game just doesn't work. I normally love art games, because they give off an actual message. I understand the message you were probably trying to convey was "The more you keep your child from the outside world, the more it hurts them in the end when they have to go out there." Thing is, what your game is conveying is "Unless you baby your kid, he will die, unless he is extremely lucky."

Not to mention all of the damn bugs. The few times I could actually do well (not to mention the ONE time I got the sword and the ONE time I got the fountain) the game reset.

This review is pretty useless anyways. If I remember right, you're the guy who thinks his games are perfect and never changes them because everyone else is wrong and you are right. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's you.

The game glitches out randomly for no reason, and restarts, then it plays every frame in a loop, making the game unplayable

i was all good my kid was 8 and had 3 attack and was gonna get the fountain but i accidently right clicked and the game just constantly reset itself, need to fix that, lesson to be learned DONT RIGHT CLICK!

My "second" kid got the sword and beat the shit out of everything, lawl.

The frustration gamers have with this game is the same feeling a mother has when her child has grown up and left, powerless to control the child she raised and can only stand and watch with the hope they succeed. And a hope to see them once again successful in life.

I feel you could mke this better by brnaching out. interesting topic for a game but could be greatly improved. BTW my wimp kid got killed by a moose T_T.

i honestly don't know how this happend, but i got the son to stay with me till 25, but he didn't have any attack, so he just died right away. Maybe it was just luck of the draw, I don't know, but if you could fix that it would be great. The idea's great, too, but it just lacks a certain reality, as in "I should probably not go into that giant tree thing over and over.

The game is likable, but it isn't quite fair (for a medal game). The kid has no AI, he just wanders in random directions. Maybe you'll be lucky and get a kid who happens to keep himself at home and gain experience more quickly. Maybe instead you'll get a retard who tries to rush past the fence as soon as he turns 4. Once he's out, he must be blind, since he can't even see giant monsters ahead or else he should realize that he generally can't scratch them. I think that's a "sword in a stone" (how creative) waaaaay near the bottom of the screen, but it's hard to be sure since he rarely goes close to it and it's swarmed by monsters on every side. I image he could slay some of the giant monsters with it, but there's no way to know. I just hope that's not one of the secret medals.

Seriously...i played this game 5 and in 2 of them the boy just ran into the dragon.On the other 3 same thing but with other monsters

Like...a fucking giant dragon,maybe I should hug him...

The music is excellent,relaxing and fits the place.Nothing against the graphics too,i like this kind of scene

But the kid...for fucks sake.He goes directly into the monsters.Not the rabbits,no no.He loves dragons,orcs and anything else that can kill him.
Also he only try to get away when the dragon is eating his head

His age doesn't matter ,he's stupid no matter what or when
If the man/boy/kid/whatever is going to be this stupid he could at least have more hp and level up faster.
The game would be really nice if the "being" had a brain

It's an interesting concept, but there is little satisfaction in raising a completely stupid child that makes absolutely no effort to avoid danger or find a way to protect himself (Walking right past the sword on my second playthrough, and going nowhere near it on the first.)

It doesn't stand very tall as a game, because you only play for part of it (And you do not do much, at that) and then are forced for the rest of it to sit there and watch this dumb kid get himself killed. I know that's the point, but it is the folly of "art games". Being art first, and a game second. Unfortunately, that diminishes the fun to be had, which is the reason most people play games: To have fun.

As for good points, it looks nice! I liked the monsters.
The music wasn't bad but it is a short loop, and gets old pretty quickly.

I really like this game, its one of those 'artsy fartsy' ones that actually IS good and is quite enjoyable.
but for some reason when he kills a few monsters and gets a bit of gold, the menu just pops back up and its like wat?! was that it ?
i dunno if its just my computer or the game, it doesn't look like other people get this glitch
well done, though.

Hmm, well I did like the game. Though when you kid gets old enough, you cant catch up, though it is realistic, after that point you lose all control of your child. I would like to see some improvements to this game, like teaching your child so he has a LITTLE bit of common sense. My child went out to fight an ogre at 10, alas he died *I KNOW RIGHT!?!* 4/5 8/10

it's an ok game, however, the lack of control over the child once he exits the ring is annoying and unrealistic. Even at 25 I don't think don't interact at all with their parents. Also annoying is getting stuck on the house when chasing after the kid, and the fact that there are basically more "monsters" than trees in the forest. You should at least work on programming when he starts wandering around, because he hardly ever finds money or the sword, etc, and he always dies, so how do you even win the game?

Why is the kid so stupid!? There's a giant ogre in the woods. Stop messing with it. Shoot!

My kid went out, got some money, then I got a medal called Magic Pink Man...?(Yes I have played that game.)

Also, at age 9, he gets killed by a single bat? Weird. This game could use little tweaks here and there and it would be much better.

My 1 Year Old Became Level 10 And Kill Lots Of Monsters Strange

Good game

I knew this would be terrible when I saw who made it. Is there any control on this game? Other than moving the mother around, which doesn't do anything for me. What a fail, once again.

Interesting game ,but with the lack of control of the kid it doesn't seems to matter how long or what level he is when he leaves, he always dies. A good start to what could be a fun game.

But I feel very limited in what I am actually able to do. I understand that you have to limit the mother a little, but when my 5 year old wanders just outside my range of motion I wish there was something you could do about it. Either adding some sort of 'call' feature, or let the mother wander the woods, despite how dangerous it would be for her, would really improve the game.

Besides that, absolutely great submission! I love your style and I like the concept behind the game. Keep them coming!

To BlackDragon-555, I don't know what you are doing wrong. My kid was able to kill a bat at age 6. By age 16, he could kill the plant monsters and he was finally able to kill the dragon at age 19.

This is a great game,but you can't call the child back which would be most important,and you need to fix the bugs because anytime I don't press play,the game starts automaticaly.

If you get the kid to go up 5 lvl before leaving there's a good chance he won't die and if he goes up another 5 lvl after that you get the ending. I like how the mother ages , very nice touch

Interesting concept, good idea. horrible implimentation.

Got the kid to grow up (to 18) and had a 7 attack... and then he walked off the map, i heard a boom sound, and then the game went back to the main menu... does this mean i won? did he finally leave home?

my guess is no... im thinking it was a major bug. Also the kids attack power seems to grow at an ALARMINGLY slow rate.... if i was so weak i couldnt defend myself from another human (the sack guys) at age 17, well.... i guess i would deserve to die then. or perhaps a single bat at age 7... it seemed far to powerfull and killed the kid.

You have a good idea but you need a few tweaks, fix the bugs and make add a tiny bit of AI to the kid. (walking through a golem for example is not a good idea, or circling inside of a bear)

Overall a 5/10 2/5 only because of the large glaring bugs that retract from the actuall game. (restart loop, non existant AI, Mother Stuck spots)

it was alright a bit too short, i did finish it think it got to an age about 30, let it go when it was 15 and it didn't seem to die when going past them monsters, alright game just way to short.

this is a pretty good concept for a game but you should have a slight bit more control, like to tell him to leave or come back... even if the kid doesn't listen.

also you should fix a major bug, when it happens it goes back to the preloader then starts the game from scratch and repeats over continuously when the text at the start disappears. this usually happened for me at random times after age 15 and everytime i played it, it happened

So the idea is to let the child gain XP, however the moment the child leaves the circle you cant call him back so he will wander until he is killed. So this is a lvl up game where you have no control because once the child leaves the circle you might as well blow him a kiss goodbye because he's never coming back. The mother got stuck more times than i care to count and there is no explanation for what the menues in the top left corner are, i assumed hearts were health but he died when he still had 2 of them so i dont know what they are for.

I love the concept, the process of weighing up risk vs reward is great. This however is badly executed.

So to sum it up, give the player some controls and explain the interface and it can then be defined as a game.

However, the child is a friggen idiot. He always RUNS at things that can kill him, and then just either stands there or runs in a circle.
I would like this game a lot more if he would run AWAY from things that he can't kill.

Good music and graphics, but it is very boring.

There's no way to really teach the child how to do anything. If parenting was only keeping the child in the yard then it would be the easiest thing in the world. You see all those dangerous things out there and it's not just about holding the child in but making them understand how to navigate and whatnot. But the child is too stupid to figure this out on their own and your parenting too limited to really teach them much of anything. The theme of the game seems to be having to make up for the game's overly simplistic presentation, which reduces its artistic effect IMO.

the whole time i was telling my son to get of my circle of protection get a job

there are some bugs that need to be fixed, it restarted on my about 3 times and the mother would go out of the oval and she would not move any more. Other than those two bugs that happened during my play it was an okay game.

I can appreciate the message behind it, but it's just not very interesting. Not to mention the bugs it contains. I also encountered the "suddenly restarting and getting into a loop of restarting" bug, and noticed that, at times, if I removed my cursor from the Flash, the mother would leave the circle and be stuck outside it.

I get the idea, but to be honest, this just seems to be the kind of game that justifies overprotective, paranoid parenting.
There's also little to no control over the child's survival. It isn't long before even keeping him from walking out is impossible, and by the time he's that fast, you've not made enough difference in his experience.
So the message I'm getting from this is: 1. parents, be as terrified as possible for your child, and 2. nothing you do as a parent will have any outcome on your child.

Really nice game, but it's way too hard to keep him from dying. He constantly runs into the same powerful monster again and again until he dies.

ah, they grow up so fast... also wtf where's dad at?... good try man

Yeah i liked it, like heaps but i thought it was way too hard to keep your kid inside the circle, and i really wanted to see the kid grow up and kick some monster ass but after 3-4 tries it just kinda got boring, and yeah it might be that i just suck but still.

you should be able to at least call your son. mom can get "stuck" in the circle and difficult to maneuver her around the edges. the son should run away from monsters he cannot fight, like when taking damage from a bear, do not walk into the bear. also for me, the game glitched and restarted out of nowhere and repeated restarting.

i like how you cannot control the son , it mimics real life. however the son is stupid. I also like the simple artwork, variety of monsters and music. they work well.

it's more luck than skill or strategy

it would be nice if things changed places randomly
you don't even have to bother finding a sword twice a second time

I say the same as in the other reviews, it needs
more interaction with the game and
a better explained story (where does a child comes from in the middle of a forest if there's only the mother there?? O_o)

I liked the idea of you controlling a ghost or something like that

5/10, +1 because a sequel would be cool (the same as one guy on another review)

It's a good concept and good game, but it would be so much easier to keep track of the boy if i could move around with wasd or arrow keys and if I could move through the house like he could, he just runs off and gets killed.

My stupid kid keeps running out of view of the screen and getting killed. Reading through other rewiews, I especially like the idea of being able to call the moronic kid back. I do like the idea of the game, and i do find it interesting

So as a mother my job is to shove the kid around until he goes outside a 10m radius from my house at which point I leave him for dead?

What type of family did you have sir???

Any particular reason we can't:
- Leave the circle
- Give advice
- Train the kid in survival tactics
- Make weapons
- Make health kits
- Call him back
- Go with him and kick some ass
Et cetera?

It's cute and all but leaves a lot to be desired. If there's a sequel how about some sort of guardian spirit that's tied to a location, thus explaining some things? +1 on my rating because I WOULD like to see a sequel...

It seems like it would have more of a game aspect if you could influence movements, like calling the child home, but just shoving them around while they are in the circle is lame

Title says it all. Fuck that little kid.

When I killed a moose, then a bat. THe game automaticly restarts. And goes into a loop of restarting after the text. Hope you can fix it.

both really great and really retarded,

i like the concept i really do, but the kid is so damn retarded, and the monster too damn strong i did everything i could ( played like 10 times) the kids had like 12 of power and the only thing he could defeat was the bunny and stuff....

i like it that the story to protect the son, and with the circle too, it says that you not always can protect youre kid

Good, but like everyone else is saying, the kid is stupid. I don't think you should be able to controlhim outside the little circle, I feel like that's the point of the game, but I just played a game where he literally went over to a bear and walked back and forth over the bear until he knocked out all 20 of his hp.

AustinBreed's never going to give us any of the features we want the game to have. He's just the type of guy who thinks his work is perfect as it is. No amount of begging from us will change his stubborn mind.

i sort of think that is the point i mean you can't control wtf your son does if he wants to get bitch slaped by an ogre i don't think thers anything you can do.

This game could actually be really intertaning. i love level up type games, but i have to agree with sewer shark u need somthing to get the damn dude back every once in a while like a shout button, dinner bell, anything! once they get to about 13 good luck tryin to keep em in the house area they get to fast and just go out into the wild and for some reason they seem to walk right passed the bunnies, gold, and other small things they can defeat but, walk right into cuddly bears! and playful ogres! try to give em a litlle more direction than just random/kill yourself methods.

Its a good concept, but unfortunately, the game does is not all that fun.
The main problem is that, when your son is out of your home area, the game is purely random. Its all based on luck, not on the player skills, and that can be very frustrating.
Several times I wanted my child to get back home so he wont die, but once he is out of reach, there is nothing I can do.

There are some things that you guys could do to improve the gane play:
-implement a "shoult" button so you can call your son once he is out of range. remember, Moms do shoult....a LOT.
-improve IA. Make him walk at random sucks. I mean, once you got bitch slaped by a Bear, you will not fight it again unless you leveled up. Make him run from thougher monters. Also, depending on how you raised your son, he could choose to obey or ignore your calls.

I hope that helps.

it rushes in the first monster it can't kill ...
In adulthood with 20 life 8 skill he never rushes at squids or bunnies.... but insists into giant cyclops... :/

Good game. Funny thing, it has high replay value :P

nice game i wish i had control when he left tho my son left at 6 somehow ran around till he was 22 then got killed by a tree monster....he left at 6 and i never saw him again

but on my 3 try i finished it. like Yabadune said. Dont push him and let him go at the age of 20.

Then hope to be lucky XD My son found a sword and became a warrior and came back home at the age of 27

nicely done

After the inevitable leaving due to the child becoming faster than the mother, my children always charge straight for the nearest bear or gigantic monster. A bit of intelligence in the non-player character that the entire game centers around would be appreciated.

Why is that it always restarts the game randomly!?

I almost made him die at age 2 but then he came back and ended up dieing at age 6, I as a mother think he deserves his freedom and let him make his own decisions. I have had 6 children so far, Edgar died at age 12, Taylor died at age 6, Philipe died at age 11, Ron Found a sword in the woods and killed an ogre my little monster slayer (he brought me back an ogre head and I made brain stew in celebration) and last but not least Daniel died at the age of 21. (Alcohol poisoning I presume) At least in the end Ron and Emma Philips lived our good lives and had brain stew.

Interesting game could use a little more interactivity. Maybe have a button to call son home or to shoo him away. Maybe give bonus exp for keeping son out of circle, and heal son for keeping him home. I would like the circle to be bigger and not have the mother stick to the circle wall. Wish there was a way to turn off the music. Son pushed me outside of the circle once and I was not able to move. Another time I pushed the dragon out of the circle.

A couple helpful hints:
Son loses exp when you push him around so he will not be as strong. Try to stand between him out the oustide world rather then pushing him.

the son advances one level about every two years of age.

The son can kill the bunnies at lvl 2. He can kill spiders and bats between lvl 5-8. Bears go down at lvl 10. I have never seen him kill anything else.

There seems to be a sword at the bottom of the screen not sure what it does good luck telling him to grab it.

You get the mother hood award at random times after the age of 20. I have gotten it right when he turned twenty I have also had him die at the age of 27 so not sure what triggers it yet.

Quickest death at the age of 4. Almost killed him at the age of 2.

Amazing game, really meaningfull and heartbreaking, BUT FULL OF GLITCHES
My little Michael went out at the 15 years, and hen when he was 20 he went to take that magical swrod and then the game just replayed, and go back to the menu again and again and again.

Now, this game is great, pretty much in every way, grpahics are gorgeous in their simplicity, etc,etc. But my one complaint is it simply becomes impossible to control your child after they're about 14 and they WILL run off and they WON'T come back.

It's just far too difficult, and you will end up having your child die before he reaches any significant age, which I think is sort of what you wanted, so in that manner, good job.

But you should be able to do things after your child has left, he shouldn't just walk around and kill things until he (And he will) dies.

But I think that's why the game has such a haunting feel to it. It's a bit heartbreaking really. Your child will always die, and he will always leave his mother.

So from what I gather, the game is about getting a balance between letting your child go harden the duck up by themselves and not letting them get themselves killed. So like a good pixelated mother, my child who apparently has an extremely low IQ kept trying to run out past the fence into the wilderness when he was about 5, so I was like, "NOPE, YOU'RE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO DIE YET MISTER" and so like a good pixelated mother I waited until he was 10 years old like any good Pokemon trainer and then he went off into the woods with a sword rating of like 3 or something like that, and he walked around for a bit, and then he walked into a giant ogre and got crushed.

Moral: If your child is extremely stupid, don't let them go into the wilderness without their Pokemon.

My Child, is an Arrogant, Cocky, Naive, Stupid, Ambitious, Rambunctious, Annoying, Vicious, Angry, Adventurous, and apparently DEAF.

....But I love him so much. (T^T)

R.I.P: Reginald Ferdinand Willington. Life Span: Approx. 6 mins.

He grew up so fast. All I knew, was my little baby turned into a man in a couple minutes, and I got old, and my hair was gray...and he was out learning about nature, and getting an interest of adventure. No matter how many times I tried, no matter what I said, no matter how hard I pushed...he just pushed me away, and brushed me off.

I warned him of all the dangers, but all he cared about was the treasure, and the rush...I remember when he was 14, he looked me in the eyes, and told me:

Reginald: "Mother...Please, understand that I'm not fool. I'm not one who will get myself killed out there. I am cautious, and aware of the dangers. Please, don't cry, mother, for I will always come back to you. I will bring you treasures, and tell you stories, and you will be so proud of me...but you have to let me go out on my own. I am of age now, and it is time for me to partake in my role as the man of the house, for father had sadly, and mysteriously dissapeared. Trust in me, mother. Have confidence in me. Have faith."

And so I reluctantly, prepared him for his quest, and set him off into the monster inhabited forest. Days seemed like seconds, surprisingly, because he came back after what seemed like 2 minutes, and he grew this enormous beard, and was muscular, and hefty. He told me off these bears he fended off with such strength, it's as if he practically walked into them, and they died. And he told me off this Magical Pink Man he saw in the distance, and he sought after it, but alas, lost his target. But on his way back, he found a fountain, in them middle of nowhere, and when he bathed in it, he said he instantly felt better, liked he was...healed, of all damage he had taken.

Then, he had set off again, I gave him a hug, and a kiss goodbye, and he set off with a loving smile, but...after the minute I saw him step into those trees...I saw this blinding flash spread across the whole forest, and my heart sunk...for I knew...I could feel it deep, deep down within my heart...I knew...my poor little Reginald had passed away.

Sometimes...I wish I had just had a Daughter....

From what I can tell, this is one of those "meaningful" games that's trying to make a statement instead of entertain. Horrible Atari graphics, annoying endless music, and basically nothing to do. Just let your kid walk around. There are games like this that work, but:

a) They need to provide something interesting to do, and
b) They need to be well-made. The game can't reset itself after 2 minutes.

It'd be a 3 without the glitches.

great game but filled and riddled with glitches making it utter crap, please fix the glitches and then this game would be awesome

What i noticed was the longer you kept him your 'momma's boy' the longer he lived. My latest one lived to be 27, but he could have easily died at 8, ( trust me, he's died at 8 before) my point is, why keep him to long? He ALWAYS dies young, no matter what you do, one day he's gonna walk behind the fence and die. By the way, good job with the game, austinbreed

XP Don't want to look like the rest of the reviews, but the controls irked me. The fact that you can't call the kid back in, but sometimes he comes back on his own. I think it would be cool if the game was longer and he'd regain health every time he return home. Other than that I did enjoy the game

it was a cute and unique flash game! and that is worth ten in any book :)

.... Of a lobotomized cucumber.

like seriously... it's pathetic how you can't move smoothly around the circle, and his ai does suck as well.

I like the whole design, atmosphere and concept of the game, but after reaching the 'treasure hunter' medal the game would continuously crash, reboot, restart the game and crash again etc. otherwise, a very nice game. it's a shame i couldn't continue further.

It was fun, but just because the kid can go through the house and you can't and his AI is terrible, it ruins it all.

The boy walked into the sword, I received the achievement but the game suddenly crashed, and then it kept rebooting and giving me the "Pink Man" medal over and over. I hope this helps. Other than that I liked the idea of the game, but felt it was more based on where you let him explore and for the most part, a game of chance.

In a way it just goes to show how being a child is the greatest thing in the world yet a mother can't see the fact that her little boy is fully grown protecting him from the dangers of the outside world and the older we get the harder it is to control.

I don't know why but I kind of want to tell my mom I love her no matter what.

Very simple game with a moral and kind of artistic value to it. Nice job!

First things first. Nostalgic 8-bit graphics...I like em. I suppose if I didn't though they wouldn't be nostalgic.

Music...simple loop. Kinda wistful..kind of hahunting...too short and unvaried though. ..kind of like life....

My first thought was "Wow...what a dumb game."

My next thought was: How true is that in terms of parenting? You can only hold them in the circle so long before you have to let them out and just stand by and watch.

Then, "This would've been better as a flash movie...not a game.....
...but that's when it occurred to me that as a game, it puts the viewer in the expectation that they'll be in control ...so when they find that they're not, the message is even more clear. You actually CONTROL so LITTLE in life...while the ones we love wander beyond our circle of influence and rarely choose to come back :(

*sniffle* I need a tissue now.

Well presented. Seven stars.

I adore this game. My momma's boy slayed a monster before dying! I played it once to get the hang of it and the second time around I was really hopeful that my kid had enough levels to venture into the world, but then I got the Magic Pink Man trophy and my game immediately reset. ): I'd like to see if it's possible to raise a strong adventurer, but now I'm worried spending time on it would be a waste.

I think this is really interesting, I love the simplistic art and the atmosphere was great. A great approach for a concept.

One thing that was a little annoying was that the kid would often walk to the border of the screen and continue walking only vertically, so I couldn't see much of the going ons anymore and eventually he died. Putting the border a little more away from the swf-border would've been nicer.

its a good concept, but does't work that well as a game, mainly due to the fact that it is way to random, and your control is so limited. i also don't understand why this game has medals, it's pretty much just like saying, "ok, role this die, and if you roll a 3, then you get a prize," you pretty much just have to keep playing until your kid does what you want him to.

We rarely get profound and philosophical games.

i went out the room for 2 sdeconds and my kid died at 6 XD

This is one Sad Game... 9/10 5/5

More Game play plz?

but thats all that game is.
A nice idea.

The Random Factor in this game is too huge against you, saying, when he leaves with 16, he directly walks into spiders, bears, and in my case, even the dragon.

oh, btw, i detected a bug: In the middle of the game, my char was about age 21, the game suddenly restarded from self.

nice job.

i wish there would be some possibilities for helping his Journey. like heal him or making some "armor" or whatever.

Clearly there was not enough polish to your game, mid-way through you reset and get the magic pink man metal....How this happens I simply do not know. Perhaps your coding was incorrect but please go back and look at it. I simply cannon play a game that resets mid-way making the achievements impossible to get.

Nice concept based on life itself, it is all about luck. But it will more probably success if you dont overprotect your child, or just leave it.

but you should put something that can call the boy so he wont go far right to the stronger monster.....

Not much more to say. Randomness is the largest influence on the outcome by a huge margin - how long the child stays in the fence without being coddled (giving it time to level up before it becomes impossible to contain), what creatures it goes to fight when it inevitably gets out, whether it grabs the sword, etc. This would be fine on its own - roulette is entertaining despite its randomness - but it is so heavily weighted against you that it's almost impossible for you to win. That's not fun.

my mom worries that too, i guess all good mothers would worry about their children.

Its pretty cool, the idea of it all. The only problem i found is that it seems one doesn't need to do anything in this game. Coddle the child and he'll be weak, protect the child and he'll be strong. Get up and go make a sandwich while the game sits and plays itself... possibly more interesting results from the sheer random factor. Well made graphically and otherwise, would have preferred more cause and effect if you take my meaning.

you shuld put something in so you can call the kid back un till his an adult

I really like the concept behind the game, but I think it got old kind of fast.

Maybe if there were some other features, and a little more player input. I understand that the point of the game was that at a certain point you have to let go and just watch, but I still feel like there should be more.

I love the game, tons of fun.
The bug that removes all my hard work is not cool and should have been fixed.
Otherwise it would have been a 10.

Letting my kid do whatever he wants if he dies oh well I'll worry about it later.

for the firts time a felt like a mother

I absolutely love the concept behind this game, and how it effectively fills me with the worries of a mother. I got so worried when he was up against some of those monsters, but relieved when he survived and got strong enough to take them down. My only problems are with the occasional bugs, but they're not bad enough to stop me from playing this game over again. Now then, I'm going to play it again. :)

All of a sudden i see a medal saying magic pink man, look at the screen, and laugh.

Everytime my character gets a good kid who can fend for himself, the game glitches and sends me to the main menu. It gets pretty frustrating having to restart an already good player, and then it happens again. I'm sorry, but fix the bugs and i'll be happy.

P.S. I was waiting for the bugs to get ironed out before I reviewed, but it has been way too long.

my kid grown up as an brave adult not warrior, when i left my screen for a while, suddenly i've got motherhood medal, but hey, i realised that it's the real-end of the game isn't it ? great game, simple but pretty fun. but i found some glitch, when i finished the game, the cursor dissappear, but it's not a big deal anyway.

if you add some feature to call your kid home when he old enough to regain his health it would be great for this game.


my kid is 4, he goes out and gets killed by a spider lol

Awesome game, really love all your work. Theres only one problem, every now and then, or no reason, it'll force you back to the 'play' screen. Even if your in the middle of a game. I dunno if its just me, but thats kinda frustrating.


i've had games where the kid has been a genious( :( don't know how to spell it though) and other times where he was a retard (fighting a moster at 5 years old). I like how the game play is, but I want the sttupid kid to get the sword! he still hasn't done that yet!!!!

i wish you could call him back home or something....but my kid is a major idiot...grew up to 23 at home with only 3 combat, 22 health then walks out and wanders back and forth over a moose for a minute until he dies...comon bro...go for the cash and stuff...not that hard

My kid grew up to be an idiot... I got him to 19 years old with 6 combat points and the first thing he goes and fights is the dragon. R.I.P my pixelated child

I didn't play this for the graphics, or the gameplay, or even the storyline. I expected this to be more of an action-oriented game, about reclaiming your lost child or something, but instead, I got an awesome metaphor for life. The realism in trying to protect your child from the wiles of the world, as well as the feeling of awe and loneliness as your teenager steps out into the world, now much faster and stronger than you, honestly tugged my heart strings. I wanted to tell him to be careful, what was good, what was bad, basically guide him. But he wouldn't stop for me, wouldn't even acknowledge me, and it made me realize the pain and fear that all mothers feel.

You're a God among flash game developers. I wish half of the people on this site who make games could simulate love and sorrow as well as this game did. My hat's off.

I agree with with grunt247 here; it could be better if it wasn't up to luck. Pushing is pretty much pointless, since he can teleport right through the house. Even if you're not near the house, if you try to push him, he teleports to the top right of you and from what I can see, never goes to the bottom of the screen.

Still, despite the two flaws of luck and pushing, it is a good game.

For those not understanding, the combat skill is based directly on the XP bar, each time it fills out you gain 1 combat. Your age is simply determined by length of time, the XP bar determines combat. In order to gain XP you must let the child wander on his own, as soon as the mother touches him and pushes him his XP bar starts to loose XP, so if you constantly shove him around his XP never goes up, and neither does his combat. Each time the bar maxes out you gain 1 combat, and then start with a blank XP bar until you gain your next combat level.

As far as the game goes, I can't see much room for improvement for this type of game, it was well executed and the art kept it quite intriguing. Good job.

I really enjoyed playing through it a couple of times. A few notes though. I'm not understanding why the combat number is random. One time I got my first combat point when my child was 6. The next time I played he didn't get his first combat point until he was 18, and the game ended when he reached 3. My child never had a chance to fight and kill anything, I spent most of the game keeping him in the fence. Which brings me to my second gripe. The mother shouldn't get caught against the fence or the house. Once the kid is as fast as you it's extremely hard to keep him in without accidentally hitting the corner of the roof and not being able to move. And it is annoying that your kid can run through the house and you have to go all the way around. I'm giving it an 8 for the music, the art and the concept. Would easily be a 10 if there were some logic to the combat skill and nothing to stop character movement.

why will this fucking son of a bitch never go downwards??? he always walks right and left and up but NEVER DOWN......... I just want him to get this fucking sword so he can kill all the dragons and monsters and I get the damn warrior medal and the last secret medal (?).................

apart from that it's a nice idea for a game.

but it could be better if it was'nt let almost completely up to luck.

But its cool lol :D
8/10 review
4/5 picos

I may just be me but i love this game, everything about, those so called bugs, i think you are supposed to stay inside of the fence

I realzied that your chlid needs at least 6 combat before you can let him go,
and i kept on having a bug where it would take me back to the main menu while i was playing, someone might want to fix that.....

This game is very cool , but why don't you add like a Shout command? so you can call your son when he gets out of house , at least you can avoid he gets to fight a dragon ...

have i told you like a milloin times that i love your games?

Half of the time, I get trapped on the fence, and most of the time the game automatically ends while I'm still paying it. :(

But fix the bugs when i got the treasure hunter medal it kept gliching

brilliant idea


a little hard =)

Once again you've created a great game

Except and please fix this.. I would be in my adult years he would just run off the screen with 20+ health and just die. I had no way of controlling him running off screen....


It bugged out in later years. Seemingly when I got a medal. I really liked the idea and the layout but, the glitch ruins the experience. Keep at it.

I felt so sad for both of them! You're fighting a losing battle...
Great example of storytelling through gameplay...

This is not really much of a game, more like a sit back and watch what randomly happens. The only part that you actually interact with is keeping your baby home for a little bit.

Well I've found a few glitches here and there. As soon as the kid killed a monster, the entire screen spazzed out on me and returned to the title menu, before switching back and forth through the artists statement and the actual game.

I'm using Windows 7, on Firefox if it helps

Interesting game but it does make me wonder how dumb that kid is

Worth: 9 points.

Description: You let a baby crawl into the woods, and decided not to go after it.

I spy a PedoBear.

I had a lot of fun with this game, especially since I, like you, have just left my parents to go to college. However, i do agree with some of the reviews that there should be some little forms of control implemented, because even at 20 years old he did stupid things like running straight to the dragon and getting himself killed. Not too much control, of course, since that would defeat the point, but just something small like calling him home or something.

This kid is dumb as a box of rocks.

hey how about u guys understand how a young boy must feel in a world of monsters and only a home and a mother. u have to shelter your child when he needs shelter and leave him be when he needs space. you cant shelter him forever. he must worry Q.Q

I would kick this kid's ass after the second time that he tried to run towards the woods and I had to corral him. Keep running away from me when I walk towards you little one, and you will be running with a limp.

Child beating should be implemented into this game, for the kid simply does not learn. Either that, or the Festerwood mother drank too much during her pregnancy, and the kid cam out "Not right"... in this case, you implement the "Lock the child in the derp-basement" feature.

Either way, momma knows best.

This game would be great if you could somehow call your child home when he's feeling retarted and running right to the cyclops almost every single time. Can you please fix this, unless this is how you intended the game to be? (Frustrating as all hell)

In the age of 20 he got straight out to he trolls. Why would a 20 year old be that stupid?

Can't really say much that hasn't been said, bug is def annoying, child is either retarded or too courageous. I enjoy the fact that I have virtually no control over the child however it would be nice if you added a simple mouse-click to call your child back to home when his hp gets low, since the player is restricted to the circle that the child almost never returns to after their first foray out into this dog eat dog world.

Genius, mildly fun, but great deeper meaning. One of the most brilliant and original games I've seen

I find that if you just don't control the boy at all, he'll be strong to make up for his obvious mental deficiencies, kind of like Lennie from Mice and Men.

I love the concept and the art, and I like how little control you have of your kid. However, I think he should come home every so often to heal up and maybe run from monsters who greatly outclass him. I just watched my 16 year old walk straight for the cyclops...

I've had the game jump to the title screen, even though I was not dead. And I've got the warrior achievement, before my kid killed anything.

But not bad, not bad at all. The bugs definitely need to be fixed though, I got stuck to the fence post and couldn't unstuck myself for a really long time, afterward the game started freaking out on me and kept cycling from the Play Page to the Menu Page to the Game, and the 'Magic Pink Man' award kept popping up when it started.

A nice soft and poppy 8bit track really couldn't hurt this game either, It would really breath some life into it!

while exploring in the woods, the kid fought against a green monster, when he attacks the screen quickly crashes and returns me to the loading screen over and over again; btw good idea bout the gaming

Yes, alright, he's a kid, and it's sort of expected that he'll be a bit of an idiot for a while. But a kid who's 15 shouldn't be running off to get eaten by bears. Some sort of AI that would at least make him run away from things that can kill him would be nice. As it is, he basically charges out into the woods and gets attacked by bats, spiders, and dragons as soon as you let him out of the circle.

But I would like to see the son return home to get helped/recover from his travels. Also... time management? Very sweetly executed. Simple. Original.

In fact, I'd say it's excellent. The idea of protecting your child but NOT being able to control them is great! I don't see why people want to be able to keep him in one spot. Or ground him. Heal him I understand and would be good. But the whole point is to be powerless once he leaves your control. The fence isnt just a physical barrier, its literally your influence over him. It just wouldnt make sense if you could control the bugger. there wouldnt be a game.

Besides, the idea of him being ruled by chance of seeing how this lil twerp gets into trouble and finds random treasure (I like all the possible things for him to run into by the way).

Things I'd like to see are:
-volume control
-healing him
-fixing bugs (cuz I apparently was impaled on the fence once and couldn't move, my kid went on to randomly kick ass that time though :D )

The game won't finish loading, it just goes to like 90% and stops.

Seriously, we've all seen kill-the-monsters-and-level-up RPGs, but usually the mom takes a sidelines role... playing as the mother of the hero is a great concept and has a lot of potential! However... the kid seems to be none-too-bright, and the lack of control over him if he gets past the fence makes the game random and frustrating. Some suggestions that could improve the concept immensely:

1. Give the kid some kind of AI. Reckless and stupid is fine - he's a budding RPG hero, after all - but he should at the very least look like he thinks he knows what he's doing instead of wandering about randomly.
2. Remove the fence. Even if the mother can't fight, at least let her keep her child away from the more dangerous monsters and guide him to the easier ones until he's strong enough. Perhaps if the mother gets killed we can even get to see if the kid manages to succeed on his own.
3. At the very least, let there be some means of having influence over the kid when he's outside. Maybe the mom can make dinner and the smell will get him to come home?

I love the original concept, but too many bugs make play frustrating. Also, it is impossible to prevent the chilf from commit suicide. Sometimes, the mother wont move, and you can just wait untill the child dies to restart

The child is suicidal outside of the place. He does stuff like remain in one spot doing nothing. As such, the mother should have extra powers to help avoid bugs like that. I understand the theme, but this theme relies on the child not being actively suicidal.

A bear killed my 7 years old son... Wonderful. There should be a "Don´t move, you are grounded" option.

I was wrong.
it doesn't matter how good the game is, if it does not work correctly it deserves a low score.
for the first time I was having fun with one of your games, but it was ruined by glitches sending me back to the start screen.

fix the glitches and you may have a good game here.

Please please please look into the random restarts of this game, it is quite annoying to finally get a mid 20s kid with enough power to take out the p3dobears when it suddenly restarts on me. As for the game concept, I rather enjoyed this leveling up system though it is a little random on where the kid travels to. Please deal with the annoying restart glitch and maybe make a 5 year old checkpoint after being through it like 10 times. Keep it up, new style games like this are great.
7/10 4/5

Get the concept, could be a better for sure with graphics, gameplay, but just way too many bugs and glitches. Couldn't even play and just watched the kid die continuously walking straight towards monsters.

It really is a brilliant piece of work. If you shelter your children, they are inexperienced with the outside world and explore things that they aren't yet ready to handle, while if you neglect your child, they might not live a full life. It takes just the right amount of nurturing and freedom to be a good parent. While, it's not too fun to play, I can see what you're trying to do. You've captured what parenthood is all about so beautifully here, great work.

Interesting game, with a origonal game mechanic. Problem is its very repetative with little insentive to keep on playing over the initial intrest in seeing who the child becomes. My main problem with this game is its buggy, REALLY buggy which is a shame.

My kids wait until their eight, then go straight for the strongest monsters. WTF? Is that by design?

and it has a lot of glitches

In my first run, I raised the child well. Kept him in the circle of protection until he was about 6 or 7, but I let him wander around otherwise as he pleased. When he wanted to leave, I was worried about him with those pedobears and monsters, but.. I guess he learned enough while he was at home. The first thing he slayed was a pig, and then he wandered around a bit. I called him back a few times when I thought he was in danger, but he was alright. ^^ He made it through adulthood, and came back to visit me... :'D He was so happy, and had become strong and rich and healthy. I'm not sure if it's the only ending, but I got the ending with both of the hearts. ;D Dangit, I'm getting so worked up over pixels... But I hope this is how it turns out if I ever become a mother.

...I tried the way my mom raised me - keep me until I'm thirteen. I...I think the kid died. *shrugs* Anyway, I'll make my way better than that pixel kid.

Very clever design mechanic, great way to tie in a mother's number one responsibility into one simple control - also how its harder to protect your child when he gets older (tying that literal sense into the game is another good element)

Cool indie title!

Well, it's like a rough-like RPG playing itself. It fun first 10 times, but then you get boried, because you can do nothing. Game play itself, you just wach! if you working on sequel, made a little more options, Like healing, for example.

Its a good game but you gatta keep full watch and make him stuck on the house when hes like 7 he gos faster and wanders off 13 hes a machine then 20 he on the bottom right of the screen and losing hp so you get to 30 then there easy

A glitch in where the kid dies, but gets the monster slayer badge popped up. The game goes back to the loading screen and hops back and forth between the opening game.

But ugh i couldnt help but repeatedly saying stupid fucker all the time, like he was 24 and couldnt beat tht metal robot whatever idk why the fuck he kept running to him. tht kid is a stupid fucker -.-

y in da world are ther 50 monsters outside this overly protective psycho moms house??? teh kid was like 19 when he died... doesnt his mom want him to go and do something with his life??? aparently he doesnt like being inside his mothers house anymore! ughhhh terrible concept... the reason i give you 5 is the ability for the child to age.

Interesting gameplay concept, wrapped around an interesting symbolic story.

My only criticism is that it could really use a pause feature.

The theme really hits home. It definitely puts you in the desired viewpoint. It is very beautiful in that aspect.

And yet...
The kid is so dumb!
As elegant as giving everything modified random wander code, it could really use something else. Yelling for your kid to come back, for instance. It could have a fluctuating chance of effect based on the child's age. More sensibly would be some level modifier to certain missives, like "Don't mess with things that are taller than you."

There were too many bears. Half the time I died to bears, a third to bats. Bears aren't that common, and when they tend to gravitate towards the house, it's a recipe for death. It would be nice to see a little ecology applied to this setup. There are way more predators than prey.

The experience needs tweaking. It gains too slowly and drains way, way too quickly. Losing 2-3 times the rate of increase just for visiting your house? Exp. from kills would be sensible as well. Health drops and other pickups would be nice as well. the fountain of youth and excalibur were nice, but way too hard to get, especially since excalibur alone wouldn't protect you from the dragon right next to it. I didn't really understand the point of gold, unless that was the endgame scenario. I couldn't really tell.

its a game about feeling what most mothers actually feel to have sons that are rebilious and they seem retarded but they dont even note it! and when they tell them to freaking stay home they want to go out and when they need help they wont admit it and their life becomes a failure, but then their mother feels guilty because she thinks maybe if i could hold him enough until he was more mature he wouldnt end up having a miserable life.

But I had to restart twice to be able to play it. She kept getting stuck!

its a game... about being a mom... whose house... is surrounded by monsters... with a retarded kid... that doesnt understand the concept.... of if you are hurt.... come the fuck home. i really wish there were a better explaination of what i am supposed to be doing besides raising a kid. like, any instructions in fact.

I was able to get to the end where he returns home with his treasure! I like the slow progression of the mother aging. The only rason I beat it is cause I kept the kid inside until he was 20 XD Then he became too fast to stop :(

I really like the game, it's something new and fun to play but the controls are just rancid sometimes the mother will move and other times i have to watch the child wander straight into a giant while she gets stuck up on an invisible wall

That was actually a lot of fun. Its short, but thats good because it could get tedious otherwise.

It's a great game and i played it a couple of times ut then it glitched. hen I start the mouse disapears and become invisible then something flashes on the screen and then it goes to the very firt thing you get aftr it loads (the place where there is the play button and then it leads to the game).

Hey, pedobear is in the woods! xD

Really fun. Until it resets at random and I have to start over. Got all but the first secret medal and motherhood despite that. Fix the resetting and this is easily a 9-10.

I played it a few times, one of them I completely ignored him and the dumbass walked straight up to a bear when he was 5 and kept walking towards it when it moved.

Simply beautiful, man. Nobody quite like your own mother.

at first I didn't quite understand what was going on. But once I figured it out it was kinda fun. Not very addictive, but I think that more users would find it fun if you added some intructions or some other features. Good game though, I personally enjoyed it.

...When the selfish bastard leaves when he is 8?

how do you make the child die?

I enjoyed this game, it was a nice small bite into the impartial assistance of hero's sub-genre (if it is a sub-genre, who knows?) Kind of reminded me a little of Majesty in that respect.

I enjoyed it for what it was, shepherding your kid in a fence, but once he was loose, I felt too dis-connected from the game itself. It would have been nice to have been given more options other than sit there and wait for my son to come home.

Maybe giving the mother the ability to call your son home would have added to the game? Maybe have a limited amount of calls or have the son ignore the mother every now and again to keep it fresh?

Or maybe even have the roles reversed. Once the mother is too old to care for the son, she starts wandering around aimlessly in the forest and the player assumes control of the son and whatever experience he had accrued during the mothers play time.

Either way, it was a fun game and I'd like to see it developed a little more in the future.

"No, don't go that way! That is a F'ing BEAR!" "Good, stay close to the house....GODDAMNIT! Why would you go for the dragon!?! You are 5 years old!" Yeah, it was pretty frustrating pretty frustrating, but I can imagine real parenting would be almost as hard. (Except obviously no Dragons or trolls lol). Oh and I ran across an issue where I was leaning on the wall to the right and the mother went through it and instead of being locked IN the center circle part I was locked OUT of the area with the house

I like the idea, I thought I'll play for hours, but when my child got deepere in the woods to the edge of the screen the game started buged out. And also, if that didn't happen it would still be nice to have some authority as a mother. I know that your games always have a deeper meaning, but you could have done a bit more with this one.

I don't know how you play the game. You should put in some instructions on how to play. Only 4/10 for you.

It's interesting, showing a mother's point of view and how they really don't have control over their children after they leave home, but as it is now, it's not a game, really. Something like being able to call your kid back or having his health recover when he's home would've been nice. and maybe AI, like not having him walk in circles repeatedly into an enemy he can't kill. it's like every single child your raise is retarded or something

Does it have potential? Yes.
Is it fun right now? No.
i really liked the concept, but it doesnt work like you did it. i was able to keep him in until he got like 18 and then he walked up to the end of the screen and kept going up and down until he eventually died because he walked through the same monster all the time. Level ups didnt restore his life? Not even slightly? i dont get how to beat this game pure luck is on your side. you should really work on the ki and balance things out a bit.
Hape you don't lose interest in this game, because i'd love to see another version of it :)

I like this game. It's definately an original idea. It's a bit buggy though which made it difficult to play. The controls need some work, as I found when you were close to the edge of the boundry, the mother would get stuck a lot. Also, everytime your kid picks up a treasure, the game goes into an infinite loop. If these were fixed, it'd be a lot more playable. Other than that, great idea.

I'm not sure this can even be classified as a game. So you move around your mouse, which controls the mother..... then you have this kid, but you can't control him.... OK....so how much fun is it to swing around your mouse and wait for a giant creature to kill your kid?
The thing I hated the most was when I see this kid walking towards a huge monster, and what can I do about it???? Nothing. Wait to die, and restart the game.
I thought it was funny that before I even figured out how the game worked I got 3 medals.
Not a fan of this at all.
Crazy repetitive music, decent graphics. Needs Work.

This game has a great premises and the ability to become something great. The idea of controlling not the hero but his mother, is a interesting and unique idea! The gameplay is quite simple, yet engaging enough to hold some interest.

Alas, the game isnt great and needs work if its to become better. Glitches and some gameplay tweaks are needed here and an improvement in graphics would be nice aswell.

There is a bug after you gain the "Treasure Hunter" badge the game keeps repeating itself.

I do enjoy the game though, for everyone who says you make the same games with the same morals and the same procedure, they can stop talking for once. This game isn't like your others.

The game length was average, it wasn't too long, but it wasn't too short either. It was entertaining and the moral of the game was short and simple, without you having to enforce it.

Still gotta' fix that bug, tho! ^ ^ 8/10 - 4/5

Things that generally tick me off is how a fairly experienced teenager/adult decides to just beeline to the biggest, baddest monster available in his general area.

Also, sometimes when he kills something, the "death explosion" will repeat indefinitely and during that time he won't be able to kill anything else. At all.

After some time the game crashes. What a shame, i wanted to go further

What I didn't like was that there was only one kid. Lets says the mother gets pregnant. She can't look after that child that is there to begin with for a year, but she will have another child.

for some reason he died without touching a monster

@ Gabrielpat your just a bad mother !
but my son is a retard as well "hey you have 1 heart left come back to my circle!!!"

This game is just... bad
The music is repetitive and annoying and the gameplay is just urg
The childs movement is unbelievably stupid and he oftens gets out and there is no way to get him back.
The child constantly gets lost and dies which pretty much erases all of your progress too

The game hasn't been loading all morning. Think there might be a problem.

I really liked the game but I noticed a small bug where the game began restarting itself by going to the load page, then to the game page, then to the game after the third or fourth death of the child in the middle of the game.

i have no sone; my son wouldn't have died from a damned bear attack! i like it, but y can't i call the little dumbass back home before before pedo-bear finds him.

Loved the atmosphere you've created, the music works incredibly well. I found the child's movement to be pretty buggy (seems to get stuck) but the emergent narrative is really nice. As someone else said, it would be nice if the kid ran from monsters when really young.

I did feel it was more down to luck than anything else, would be nice to feel a stronger sense of agency.

u got somethin here, but needs work, like a call button to yell for your youngin, plus he should prbly run from monsters b4 adulthood, wish there was more endgame. also, i would never raise such a pussy of a kid.

Simple and effective simulation of a mother's desire and eventual failure to protect her children from the world.
Giving the player a cursor that doesn't have any use is an extra stroke of genius that gives the player hope beyond reasonable doubt that we have something to offer the youngster once he's left home.
I cannot love this game any more than I do now.

Interesting concept by way too buggy. Also, the instructions are not very clear. I have no idea how to get the kid back inside the fence once he goes out.

CLEARLY you have some major bugs that need to be worked out. It's an interesting little game of luck. But I've had the game suddenly restart, the mother get stuck on the border, and when the son kills a monster it repeats the explosion sound and animation until another monster is killed.

Needs a mute button and a few stuff in the game needs to be fixed. Also needs some better instructions on what you need to do and how the game works.

Other than that. Its good.

A neat idea, but like some have pointed out, it's kinda buggy, so I couldn't give it a higher score. One bug I encountered that I don't think was mentioned that after the kid killed a monster and I got the medal, the game suddenly reset even though he was still alive and kicking (which ticked me off, as I was set to get the adulthood medal).

It's a cool game, but those glitches take away from the enjoyment.

I really liked this, although there were a few things that bugged me <- get it? It's a pun. the bugs bugged me. First two-three times I played, I had to reload the page to be able to play a game because the game got stuck in some kind of a loop. My mother also got stuck outside her circle once. My kid's movement was a bit too random, he stayed on the right upper corner of the screen for a bit, hardly visible, which was a bit frustrating.

Other random things: I'd have preferred to be able to control the mother with the keyboard keys. I think it'd be nice if the mother could call out for her son when he's outside of the circle, increasing the possibility that he comes back home.

It's a great theme and I really enjoyed it and I think this is your best game yet. I wish you hadn't included an "artist's statement" though, those always kind of ruin it for me.

its a good idea and all and im glad its all not many pple are making medal games any more but its kinda crap the fact you cant control him its more of luck if you get medal and all its just a click and let it do its own thing kind of game

Plus i like your point of view of life.

A cute little idea with a very bad execution.
Things I learned from this game:

- Opposite from what common legend tells, mothers will not fight bears for the safety or their children. Or bats, or spiders, or bunnies. They will stay close to home while the child goes off into the woods.
- It's useless to try to direct your child towards character building activities because his pathing is on random-walk.
- When you use the play() command you damn well put a stop() command elsewhere otherwise your game will endleslly loop between loading, title and game screens.

If you think I'm being harsh, the bears farther off the jungle will be even harsher.

You CAN end teh game with out him dying, if you wait a bit till hes old enough to have like 3 to defend himself he can grow to adult hood ( medals dont register)
and lil Junior actualy gets older(21)and returns home and you get the ending, Just keep him from heading where the ogre is,let him venture in areas he can do stuff to small monsters, prooblem is that its all random so this is almost useless. BUT if you make it to adulthood no matter how much you protect him, hes still gonna leave anyway fail or win, like life. Game has some bugs like mom sticks to the circle and cant move anywhere, or the game restarts on its own.

Ok, so I eventually have to let him go explore. But, typical youth, he does so without caution. Instead of strategically dodging the dragons and ogres to kill the little stuff and build himself up, he just plows right into the dragons, bears and ogres (oh my!), and dies like an idiot.

I enjoyed this game enough to replay it four or five times. If medals were working I'd probably have them all. It is short enough to not become boring and by the time you're kid finally escapes there is a genuine vested interest in their well being.

That said there are a few quirks. For one, your kid can go off the edge of the world. It wouldn't be so bad if there were things out there killing him. The walking response to the mouse is intentionally slow but it would be nice to have keyboard controls. I'd rather walk slowly but be able to completely control where I'm going. Sometimes when my kid died I had no idea what killed him. It would be nice to have a little epitaph. Also there is a bug with the purple bats(?) that they will occasionally die over and over. The noise gets a bit annoying and they can still attack, which led to one of my kid's deaths.

Overall I give it 4/5. It kept me interested for a short amount of time and I really did like it but there isn't any lasting appeal.

This game makes me feel like I've been such an asshole to my mom after all these years.

+ : Pink Man Rocks.
What a crazy forest to have a lil nice house.

- : Everything is too random. Makes me want to kill some monsters.

As an actual game it is not fun. You don't get to do anything interesting.

As an art game, it's way too simple and has seemingly no difference in consequence no matter what you do. I played five times in a row trying different tactics... it all ended very quickly and in the same way. You try to keep the kid safe, he dies. You let him go off by himself, he dies. No lesson is learned, and I didn't want to learn a lesson anyway. I wanted to have fun.

Very good concept. It would have been good if the mother could go out of the ring but that's the game and that's the challenge so I don't blame it. But yeah. Good game. Very original.

Sometimes it's really frustrating because you get stuck along the circle and it's hard to move and stop the little brat. My child was unfortunately never able to handle himself though, even when he was strong enough to kill monsters he'd go run into the cyclops thing or something dumb like that.

The other thing is that it was going really well on one game and then my guy got to the side of the screen and was safe since he had killed everything around him - but then all of a sudden he like went off the screen and the game just completely restarted (as in went back to title screen). Is that supposed to happen? There was no "you win" or "your child has dissappeared" screen like how it shows a grave after he dies, so that's why I'm confused so if you could let me know if this was an intentional ending or a bug I would really appreciate it.

stuck too much

damn i gonna need to have 4-5 kids to get altleast one to make it through in life. Interesting game, had fun playing.. thanks.

Cool Concept, Understandable graphics, Music a little annoying but okay. It will def. make front page...Congrats.

The controls are so crap you can get stuck at random on your own lawn.

I totally was not down for this game and thought it wasn't expressing its point well but when my son was 16 my friend was next to me and asked why I didn't let him go and I said (not even thinking about it) "Because I'm scared he won't come back" and thats when I realized the game had proved its point perfectly and under my nose.


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3.67 / 5.00