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A flash movie created in less than 48 hours for the Newgrounds Movie Jam, January 2011. Blood sweat and tears went into this animation and a lot of work! We hope you enjoy it! A secret song can be found in the menu, somewhere...

Based on the story by Nathaniel Milburn.
The script was randomly assigned to the team so we were not prepared for this story.

The bird is a demon and required to possess life. The bird took the life of the boy, who was innocent and mislead. The end shows the bird with a scythe for a wing, it was used to kill and make the fire that set the forest alight. Many say there are 'plot holes' but they were sleeping outside because the tent was full, the boy went to far away from the camp, thus loosing contact with his friends, all the plot-falls have explanations. The orginial script can be found below:

"A small 8 year old boy scout was walking through the forest. It was pouring down
rain and just starting to get dark. As he was on his way back to camp he started to hear some
type of noise. The noise sounded like someone was in trouble. The noise led him to this tree where
a bird was lying under it. His wing had been broken and was unable to fly. The bird was just lying
there yelling in pain, he didn't care if another animal heard him and could have eaten him, he didn't
want to live anymore.

The little boy being a cub scout and all wanted to help him. He bandaged up the bird and tried to him
get on his way, but the bird was unable to move at all with his broken wing. The bird said if I'm unable
to get food I'm going to starve. The boy scout knew he had to hunt for this little bird. The scout then
started to hunt down animals and killed each one he saw to feed this little bird the food he deserves.
Instead of going back home the boy stayed out in the wild with the bird. They became friends real fast
and built a house together. The birds wing apparently stayed broken for years. The boy eventually got older
and decided to figure out why the birds wing was never getting any better. When the bird was sleeping he snuck
in and took of the cast. What he saw was astonishing. The grown up scout couldn't believe his eyes.


The script has been modified.


An intresting tail to say the least.

The story grabbed me and ya had me wondering up till the end. It took me a few moments to realize what had happened up there at the end but i got it. The animation was really good given the time restraint. The sound board needed some help as there were some rough edges but once a gain good for what little time you have.

But if i may ask was was with the woods in flames? I kinda expected the story to turn to a bitter sweet ending as the fire came closer that he would unwrap the wing and let to bird go flying free so the two of them wouldn't die together and or the bird coming back refusing to leave his friend. I don't know perhaps thats just me. All in all good job.


The artwork was...pretty decent. It was a nice plotline for the first half of the movie, but...seriously.

funkycaveman responds:

Mainly it was down to time restraints, but we tried to keep a consistant quality throughout.

That bird needs a lawyer.

I can tell by seeing this scouts arm that they do not have a first aid badge, and therefore did an unproper job in mending the bird, if it dies from a disease we'll know who to put in prison.

funkycaveman responds:

There is a badge for ALL UK scouts called emergency aid, this is what it was referring to.

Well for a 48 hr. flash

I will say that due to the time constraints of this film that it is pretty well done. The movie was completed and there was animation. Although there are defiantly things that could be done to help with the story and animation. The story did seem to have people asking "what happened" mostly because there is no explanation of how the forest fire is set or how the scout dies at the end. In fact i was confused weather was the bird dead too. There was no blood or no effect other than a stabbing sound to give any indication on what had happened. I also thought that in the ending scene of when he falls asleep after helping the bird that the somewhat loud music abruptly stops. This could have been fixed as well. The slight narration in the film was quiet and hard to hear of the ambiance of the music.

I give you a 7/10
~Rebel12 (AKA RoY)


It seemed interesting, but I don't get it. The bird didn't seem to want to kill they boy. And the fire started before he took of the bandage. The bird demon thing actually cried after killing the boy, but did he really need to kill him because of that? and why wasn't the scythe there in the first place? He should have seen it before he took on the bandage...

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Jan 30, 2011
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