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A flash movie created in less than 48 hours for the Newgrounds Movie Jam, January 2011. Blood sweat and tears went into this animation and a lot of work! We hope you enjoy it! A secret song can be found in the menu, somewhere...

Based on the story by Nathaniel Milburn.
The script was randomly assigned to the team so we were not prepared for this story.

The bird is a demon and required to possess life. The bird took the life of the boy, who was innocent and mislead. The end shows the bird with a scythe for a wing, it was used to kill and make the fire that set the forest alight. Many say there are 'plot holes' but they were sleeping outside because the tent was full, the boy went to far away from the camp, thus loosing contact with his friends, all the plot-falls have explanations. The orginial script can be found below:

"A small 8 year old boy scout was walking through the forest. It was pouring down
rain and just starting to get dark. As he was on his way back to camp he started to hear some
type of noise. The noise sounded like someone was in trouble. The noise led him to this tree where
a bird was lying under it. His wing had been broken and was unable to fly. The bird was just lying
there yelling in pain, he didn't care if another animal heard him and could have eaten him, he didn't
want to live anymore.

The little boy being a cub scout and all wanted to help him. He bandaged up the bird and tried to him
get on his way, but the bird was unable to move at all with his broken wing. The bird said if I'm unable
to get food I'm going to starve. The boy scout knew he had to hunt for this little bird. The scout then
started to hunt down animals and killed each one he saw to feed this little bird the food he deserves.
Instead of going back home the boy stayed out in the wild with the bird. They became friends real fast
and built a house together. The birds wing apparently stayed broken for years. The boy eventually got older
and decided to figure out why the birds wing was never getting any better. When the bird was sleeping he snuck
in and took of the cast. What he saw was astonishing. The grown up scout couldn't believe his eyes.


The script has been modified.



I know you put in alot of work into this, but the plot was *kinda* impossible to understand without the author comments... Sorry =/

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I'm inclined to agree with PhantoMatt

It just doesn't really make much sense. Without the author comments, I would have no idea what had happened. I gathered that the bird was not really a bird, and I guess that its unhealed wing kinda passes for a scythe... But the minimal animation left much to be desired.
Also, I really liked the music, but the cutoff and transition from one song to another was too abrupt and ruined the mood.
Overall I can tell a lot of effort went into this, which I respect a lot, and don't think that I'm ragging on your abilities as authors, because I'm not.
I just didn't really get the point.

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I liked it

It was so different from the normal on newgrounds. It was almost deeper, it was more complex. I had to watch it twice to really take in what had happened but I like how an innocent looking animal became demonic, needing to control a life to complete a goal. super cool, you all did awesome!

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funkycaveman responds:

Thanks for the review!

Needs improvement...

Well, I guess the story is basically good, you've got the plot and the graphics are good as well. But it makes you wonder, you know? Like how the boy lived alone with the crow for years? And wouldn't the campers he was with notice he left and look for him? Even if the boy lost contact the group would certainly look for him. And I read your description of the movie, and why would the boy choose to live out there? He could've taken the bird to the camp and back to the city to a vet or whatever. And that the bird was a demon...well, I don't know. It was okay, just a little puzzling. But you did have only 48 hours, so...

There's a saying...

..that goes "Show, don't tell". That being said, I think it's kind of unimpressive that this video can't stand on it's own two feet, and I needed to read the author comments to fully understand it.

There are quite a few things that just seem completely nonsensical.
First, why are scouts sleeping outside in the rain? If the tent was full, like you said, then the scout masters should have more tents. Tents aren't something you overlook when planning a camp out. Also, the rain suddenly stops when he goes to find the bird. Odd.
Second, when the scissors and tape magically appear on the ground near the bird. I'm assuming the boy put them down there, but you never show him do it, so they just sort of pop out of nowhere. Also, as a boy scout, it'd make more sense for him to use a pocket knife than scissors. I used to be a scout when I was younger, and nobody ever brought scissors on camping trips.
Third, how does an eight year old survive alone in the woods for years? And while we're on that premise, why did the boy leave the bandage on the crow for years?
Fourth, how did the fire spread so quickly without the boy noticing at all? Is he that unobservant of his surroundings? If so, I have to reiterate the question HOW did he survive alone that long in the woods?
Lastly, how did the crow kill the boy with one peck and without getting up off the ground? I also inferred from the crow's tears he's remorseful of his murder, so WHY did he do it to begin with?

There were two non-plot-related errors that bothered me. When the narrator says the boy lived in the forest for years, the voice is too quiet and is drowned out by the music. Second, the crows "demon" wing doesn't look demonic, and DEFINITELY does not look like a scythe, like you say in the author comments. I thought it was just burned because of the fire.

The music was wonderful and set the mood very well. The animation and art could use improvement, but was all around not too bad. But the premise of this story is just too ridiculously absurd for me to give this anything higher than a 4.

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