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A flash movie created in less than 48 hours for the Newgrounds Movie Jam, January 2011. Blood sweat and tears went into this animation and a lot of work! We hope you enjoy it! A secret song can be found in the menu, somewhere...

Based on the story by Nathaniel Milburn.
The script was randomly assigned to the team so we were not prepared for this story.

The bird is a demon and required to possess life. The bird took the life of the boy, who was innocent and mislead. The end shows the bird with a scythe for a wing, it was used to kill and make the fire that set the forest alight. Many say there are 'plot holes' but they were sleeping outside because the tent was full, the boy went to far away from the camp, thus loosing contact with his friends, all the plot-falls have explanations. The orginial script can be found below:

"A small 8 year old boy scout was walking through the forest. It was pouring down
rain and just starting to get dark. As he was on his way back to camp he started to hear some
type of noise. The noise sounded like someone was in trouble. The noise led him to this tree where
a bird was lying under it. His wing had been broken and was unable to fly. The bird was just lying
there yelling in pain, he didn't care if another animal heard him and could have eaten him, he didn't
want to live anymore.

The little boy being a cub scout and all wanted to help him. He bandaged up the bird and tried to him
get on his way, but the bird was unable to move at all with his broken wing. The bird said if I'm unable
to get food I'm going to starve. The boy scout knew he had to hunt for this little bird. The scout then
started to hunt down animals and killed each one he saw to feed this little bird the food he deserves.
Instead of going back home the boy stayed out in the wild with the bird. They became friends real fast
and built a house together. The birds wing apparently stayed broken for years. The boy eventually got older
and decided to figure out why the birds wing was never getting any better. When the bird was sleeping he snuck
in and took of the cast. What he saw was astonishing. The grown up scout couldn't believe his eyes.


The script has been modified.


I don't understand.... why did he die?

There's just a lot of stuff about this I don't like.... how does a simple bird live for "many years"? Why does the boy look gay and only 6 years old? How come he is alone if he 6 years old? Why did he die all because the bird went crazy in a fire? Sure, animals get scared by fire... but then again, what happened to the fire?


Unfortunately it seems Newgrounds is unable to appreciate anything which doesn't have a cock joke or racism in it.

It's actually pretty dissapointing, to all the morons who are unable to read the description, this was made in 48 hours, for the movie jam competition. I regret posting this animations here because it seems that the vast majority of you are quite simply retarded, I suppose that's come to expect when Newgrounds is just filled with 12-18 year olds who can't animate, have no creativity and no ability to do, well just about anything. We know ourselves, this isn't the best work we can produce, but for 48 hours work, we did pretty fucking well. Really find some of you quite simply arrogent and up your own arse.

48 hours, with next to no sleep, for this and 90% of you are to moronic to understand it, greeaaat.

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funkycaveman responds:

Newgrounds will put off a lot of serious animators if users flame submissions that don't have a penis or pair of tits in. Yes the description is long, but to skim it will take 30 seconds which is about 1/8 of the time of the animation, and you will get a lot more enjoyment by doing this. Yes you have to be slightly educated to understand the story, but in the end we wanted YOU to make up your own mind about what happens. Too many times you are given boring animations that are simple in terms of plot development and are full of common stereotypes. Now we know and for anyone else reading this, if you make an animation, don't leave anything up to the viewer, the majority of people reviewing this flash ask questions that want to be answered, this is because they want more information to spam their minds because they are not creative to think of anything by themselves. They basically want everything handed to them on a plate. Yes I can agree the story may have some plot holes in but the writer did not spend days reading over the story ensuring that everything was in place, if everything seems right it should work. No flash submission is perfect but you still rate them 10. If you enjoyed the flash, by all means rate it 10 but please don't rate lower just because you do not understand. Also I'm not saying that you should rate this a 10, compare it with all the other movie jam submissions (they can be found in the collection) and base all your opinions against them, not with other animations which may have taken years to finally produce. If this is TL;DR you are the type of people I am talking about.

aww :(

Sad story :(
also the ending when the bird seems to be dead tthen kills the boys and then can u see theat the bird cried because he had to kill his bestfriend :(


oh common is it even possible for a bird to kill a human let alone one whos wing is busted its not like birds are that mobile without their wings anyway nice idea though


It seemed interesting, but I don't get it. The bird didn't seem to want to kill they boy. And the fire started before he took of the bandage. The bird demon thing actually cried after killing the boy, but did he really need to kill him because of that? and why wasn't the scythe there in the first place? He should have seen it before he took on the bandage...

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Jan 30, 2011
6:57 PM EST