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What's the Worst

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Team Doodle or Die
This is our Jam movie in which a little boy asks his favourite girl to the dance, only He is confronted by his fears of rejection.

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Yeah, looks like he should've just stayed in bed today.

what's the worst?

grabbing her ass then getting punched in the face X.X

What's the worst?

grabbing a slap from the girl you asked to the dance,I know,I tried,I experienced


Two things, it does need work, and I understand that this was a team thing, and you probably didn't get the voice actors you wanted, or whatever, but in later flashes that would be a good thing to work with.

Also, you keep dismissing EVERYONES bad criticism with, "You haven't made a flash, you don't know." Not everyone on here is exactly a flash artist, just as not every movie critic makes movies. It's just their opinion; and if you can't take constructive criticism, then your skill will just plateau, and you will never improve.

I thought it was alright. I didn't like it, but you had to work with a story I guess. I would of chose a better one; if that was possible.

Animation was pretty good, and the voices were passable. The writing wasn't that good.

GotRedOnYou responds:

Agreed, but when the person slating my cartoon in 10 years old, I hardly think their criticism is valid. mostly when it just says stuff like, BLAAAAAAAARRRG you suck. This tends to frustrate me and make me want to fart in their direction.

You plainly didn't like my submission which is fair, but take alook at your given score of 7, this shows you have taken time to think about animation processes and style. and not just given me a flat 0 because my character has green hair.

Hopefully you will see where i'm coming from.

Like 2 reviews below, I mean a 2? just because it was dumb. thats like me reviewing a piece of art and saying its crap because they used crayons.

This was pretty good

ow that got to suck I knew something was going to happen but losing his arm that sucks LOL I do have to ask though why the dog did't go for round 2 or something after taking the arm off O.o