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====LAST BIG UPDATE 11/4/2011====
After a year of working on other projects (which will be done in a couple months... I hope), I randomly decided to take a break from them and update this game with some of the things people, had in the past, complained about. The game now has; Pause Screen, Sound Effects, More Outfits, and other changes...

====Things to Know====
You play as E.T. and you are searching for phone pieces that are located inside holes all over the world. Since this is an alien world the bacteria is slowly killing ET at a constant rate. The FBI agents (they look like blue ghosts) don't want you to leave so they'll take away your phone pieces if they catch you, or just hurt you and leave. The map is a huge key to finding the phone pieces pay close attention to it. Once you gather all the phone pieces you need to wait as the phone call is made, then go to the area located on your map where the ship is landing. Consuming pills will give you 2 PP, but will lower your life, you dirty drug addict.
I've hidden many collectables within the game, so yeah go and find them and stuff.
Also note I never played the original E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (Atari 2600) game, it's loosely based on people ranting about how horrible it was and old G4TV having a segment on it.

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Feels good

-medals and sounds
other than that, this game is quit the nostalgia field ;3

You should really add some important things.

I Take away 1 point for each flaw I see in this game.

- No Sound effects
- No Pause
- No Music
- No Replay Factor

I don't know how looks the ET from Atari, but you made a good job with this game.

My only complain is about the holes. in some places its to hard to move away from them. Like the 4 Holes together, It took me too much time to leave this part.

It's a decent game, but I don't fell Like I want to play it Again.

MAybe if you add more features the game will be more interesting.

PS: I Found the Hat =D


I'll give you points on the art style, but that's about it. Instead of making a game based on an already crappy one, why not make a better game based on ET.

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3.83 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2011
6:25 PM EST