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This flash-collection contains 3 flash-movies I made a year or so ago.

Mario's Story

Luigi's Anger

This is Madness

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Press idiot to return to menu. PRESS ANY BUTTON TO COMMIT SUICIDE. *makes someone other than me to press any button*

mario's story = dirty
luigi's anger = DEAD BROS
this is madness = no this is SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAA

i am bord now

you should do more of it
...sanford, is a dirty bitch

Interesting viewpoint.

So, Mario's story was.. well.. not much of a story. Yeah, Luigi and Toad getting it on does make a sick kind of sense, but having Mario up on a random tower of bricks didn't really have anything to do with it. And, besides the obvious (getting to call him a f@g), why would Lakitu want Mario to kiss him on the cheek? Luigi's Anger is a premise so old my dad taught me about it when i was three, but it's still relevant, and probably the most twisted view I have ever, or ever want to, have seen. I think the saving grace in this series was the This is Madness portion, which was hilarious if only for portraying the Madness characters as old-time, pre-sound actors, with the true-to-form violence as the culmination of the scene. Decent animation, 8-bit isn't the easiest to work with as far as conveying emotion and intent, but you did a good job with it.. and the rest, too. If possible, using different sound bites (Koopa, laugh scene) could bring more authenticity to your future pieces as well.