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John Finds His Dog

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So for the january movie jam I decided to challenge myself (sorta) and animate the most retarded story ever. JoHobo2 was supposed to do the music, but he never responded to my PM's. So I just took a song from the audio portal.

Here's the story as written by Stamper, MindChamber, and Tom Fulp:
"So there's this boy named John and he lost his dog. And then John put up posters saying "Lost Dog - Please Contact - $1 Million Reward" and then John finds his dog and gets $1 million."

Edit* The Front Page of Newgrounds.com... omfg.... I just fainted.... thank you tom
Edit 2* Added the movie jam preloader

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Lol that was actually a really funny idea and the delivery was spot on. Cant remember the last time I laughed at something on here

@user below...

...'like' means 'about', not 'exactly'. Great stuff here, guys.


There was 7 zeroes. He was $9,000,000 off


I will never hear the word "Contact" the same way again...

So stupid

I laughed so friggin' hard at the end.