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Sonic VS Meta Knight P2

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Sonic and Meta-Knight continue to do battle! In this portion, both Meta-Knight and Sonic get a little help from some friends of theirs. In this part, I tried to kill off some of the filesize, because last time in was obscene. The replay screen is way better, as well. I also tried out some new techniques, which I think fit nicely. I still hope to improve, so leave a nice review for me.
Now stop reading this and watch. (God, I went on & on & on there...)

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That was awesome, I hope you make the third.
By the way, how come you put shadow and kirby even though the title says Sonic Vs Metaknight?
Anyway, next time could you make the flash longer? It gets more exciting that way.

I can barely even review this...

Animation: Better... Still choppy and not too good. The battle was slow, short, and didn't really fit the criteria to make a GOOD sprite fight.

Sound: Improved... Pleasant enough. I would recommend doing written dialogue instead of corny Japanese-voice acting or from-game sounds.

Camera work: Still not that good... but it's improved slightly.

P.S.: If you're going to include a story, then feel free to actually mention it in the flash... Again, WRITTEN dialogue.

Animation: 5/10
Sound: 9/10
Camera: 5/10

Overall: 5/10

+1 Point for improvement
-1 Point for length of flash.

Somehow I knewww

Somehow I knew MK's "super" form would be Dark Meta Knight.
-6 for too short
+1 for Meta Knight being epic
+1 for using Dark Meta Knight

GuitarKirby responds:

Yeah, a lot of people have been saying it's too short. I'm trying to lengthen the next and final part, we'll see what can be done. And thanks for being the first one to think of Dark Meta Knight first, my brain did the same thing!


kirby is my favorite character and zero-two is my favorite boss ^.^

GuitarKirby responds:

Oh, man... I remember playing against the N64 version of Zero2. I almost got stumped, but eventually, I figured it out. Glad you liked this one, I expect the next to be a hundred times better.

Ah, comon.

I know you said you were trimming the filesize, but that was 5 megs for about 30 seconds. And of those 30 seconds, very little actually happened. Meta hits Sonic, Shadow hits Meta, Kirby hits Shadow, Sonic goes super, meta goes super. The end. Really? At least have them fight or something, eh?

GuitarKirby responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I can't say I'm fond of your review, but then again, yu were right on all counts. I'm not exactly a master of filesize trim, and it's the thing I have the most trouble with. As for not much actually happening... Well, I did try, but you make good points. Not much did happen, and hopefully, I can make lots happen next time. I'm sorry I couldn't be a bit more impressive on this flash.