Sonic: PHX Episode 2

January 29, 2011 –
November 5, 2018
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Author Comments

Just to warn you. Resize the movie because some of the dialouge cannot be read easily!
And in a very short time too.... I`m starting to get better and better.
Updates are made in the second episode. Well see for yourselves what they are.
So... I must warn you that there isn`t too much action... but there is way more than in Episode 1.
So... Enjoy, comment, rate and thanks for understanding and everything else!



Good job i must admit this movie is cool but to be better You will need voices.


this series levs me in suspense some times

<deleted> responds:

Hmmm.... Alright, i guess.... Thanks but these series are actually a load of crap.

Pretty Awsome

Dude Awsome Job Keep It Up
Merry Christmas

<deleted> responds:

Thanks man, Merry Christmas to you too! :3


good! great! awesome! outstanding! AMAZING!

<deleted> responds:

Good. Great. Awesome. Thanks.

good work

ur very good at this

<deleted> responds:

Thanks i guess.


i really like it

<deleted> responds:



well text is faster now, fight was awesome, story is cool, you deserve your 10. Can't wait to watch the other three

<deleted> responds:

Kay, thanx.


Loved the way you used the theme from Kingdom Hearts II from "The World That Never Was" (Yes, I'm a KH Freak).
But, seriously, awesome job.. I will be commenting on your other works as well, if I get to that point.

<deleted> responds:

Awesome, ep5 will be out soon.

Good, good

I liked it. considerably better than the first episode. Im not sure whats wrong with youre sound timing but u gotta figure that out. Action was pretty solid, love the new text boxes too. And love some of the effect placement. All in all you got a 6 cuz of the sound timing. As youre teacher i expect you to do even better.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks. :D

This is good

Just... The Sounds doesn´t concord the movie
your work is great exceptuating that
you have great effects! and you use them well
watch this please:
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /561241
And write a review too, i want to know the opinion of
a great like you!

<deleted> responds:

thanks but.... i might as well face it. ill never be as good and popular as the other animators...

It good...

Its an okey flash in my eyes

<deleted> responds:

Thank you.


you are AWESOME!. XD. is a really good job.

<deleted> responds:

Nah... Even you have better skills...

Not bad.

I see you took some of my advice, the action was considerably better this time around. Personally, I think it could have been faster, but then, I always think that. I think you tend to rely a bit too much on effects, and not enough on actual movement. (You know, have them run around a bit more, rather than just stand in place and wait to hit/get hit.)

The new text bars are pretty nice, I think you should keep them this way. Although I'll say it again, you HAVE to learn timeline control and basic buttons to give faster readers a way to get past all that talking without having to wait. It's really not that hard once you find a tutorial.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for reviewing. And thanks for the support.

Great job but

i wish i could be as good as you

<deleted> responds:

Well practice makes perfect... Thanks.

Pretty good

I haven't seen the one before this one, but I already like your animation. The one thing I would say you could fix is the fact that the sound effects lag a little bit behind the animations. Other than that nice plot, good animation and keeep up the good work :)

<deleted> responds:

Will do thanks.


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