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Author Comments

All design credit for Patru goes to Matthew Russell. I was responsible for the programming of the game and have been given permission by Matt to post it on Newgrounds. Any constructive comments will be greatly appreciated! :)



HOW TO PLAY: See in-game instructions.

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Trying to break the game...

You did an excellent job of making sure that you have all angles covered in terms of people trying to break the game. I literally test played the game several times to try and break it so I could make you aware of it, but I'm really impressed Adam.

I was unaware though that AI had not been implemented which for this game shouldn't be too hard for you. Again the main complaint with everyone is that it's just weird to play by yourself, but I think what they really mean is that since they aren't able to play against their friends on another computer and have to have someone physically beside them, the chances of that happening is slim.

All in all it's a fun game that seems very well thought out. I really like the card system, which can turn a winning streak around, but the implementation of AI would bring the review scores up substantially.

Keep making great games.


not so good its like playing with yourself

Hmm... CPU P10x0rz?

I would've played it further if I didn't have to... STFU... Play with myself. -_- I said it.

Fun stuff

The Good:
+I enjoyed the coordinates system, somewhat interesting.
+Tutorial is simple and to the point.

The Bad:
-No AI. Please add this, as it is right now playing against myself isn't very entertaining.
-Presentation could use a bit of work, the interface is very simple.
-The game has a very heavy luck element.

Overall, very nice game! 4/5.

lionheart2004 responds:

Thank you for the good feedback!

AI is certainly being looked at for future versions, and I agree that luck plays a big part in the gameplay. The designer is aware of these facts and will take them under great consideration if he decides to modify the game further. :)

Also noteworthy is that the game is intended for two players, as mentioned in the Author Comments section above. It is certainly understandable, then, that you would not be as entertained playing by yourself. Thanks again!

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2011
8:03 PM EST