Super Smash X

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Duke it out as Nintendo Characters!

New Version 2.0!

I added Chars. Levels, and a new menu!

I also added a thing called joy2key (Gonna become popular, i just have a feeling) It lets you use your gamepad, joystick or whatever u wish, as a keyboard or mouse.

Joy2Key will allow you to play my games with a gamepad ;-)


I STILL NEED HELP MAKING CHARACTERS AND LEVELS, so Be the first to get your name in the credits by emailing me(Ill get you all setup for making characters or levels)

Expect to see powerups,
more levels,
more characters,
and more bonus levels




There was notthing wroung with this game.

I Loved it Make more.:)

In the Bonus you can control the Whomp. Also Sticksandstones, that's not a Chargin' Chuck, But when it stomps on SMW lava Spirngs from the ground. I Liked it. You should add these characters:Luigi, Samus, Peach & Bowser.

I've noticed a few things

The gamepad things give you pop-up mayhem (32 of 'em) and I admire your drawings, but the only things that are sprites are: Mario's hat, koopa, and goomba. the rest are Pretty dang good drawings. and the Orange Guy you call "Gomba" isn't a "Gomba" it's either "Chargin' Chuck" or "Chargin' Chandra". and like blankittyblank (Last Reviewer) is right, but the "/ button's" attack will work on Zero, nice try though, I've added this to my favorites, as 1st favorite

(My vote:* * * * * (W00T! ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS!)
(My thumb: High enough to tough Heaven's Ceiling)

i liked it fine, but...

WTF IS WRONG WITH THE SORCERESS??? NONE OF HER ATTACKS CAN HURT THE OTHER GUY!!!! I had a character stand in just about every spot i could think of and she would shoot her fire balls, and the would move right OVER the oposing sprite and do NOTHING TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rocks were the same way, as was the staff twirly attack.

Liked it

it was one sweet game dudes.

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3.43 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2002
7:15 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS