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Snes house episode 1

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ok, the first thing your gonna realise and not be botherd about is the fact its a 50kb movie... this is because its supposed to be that small, i made this series like a webcaomic format as i will be making a site for it soon ^_^

but i have decided to wait til i get at least 10 episodes of this (ive done the first 2 already)

it has no music cos i wanted the comic feel, BUT it does have Sfx so ph33r not.

ok, im expecting to get a lot of hate-mail and bad reviews but w/e ^_^; its my first movie so ill shrug it off...

ummm enjoy if you can ^_^;

and im glad to be a part of newgrounds (finally)

the first episode is mainly bout introducing the main 3 characters...so its not that funny, but enjoy anyway i hope to have a long series.

~ sayonara


Crappy graphics...

But I really don't give a fuck if graphics are bad when humor is good! So, I liked it! The funniest part must be when Cecil thought Bass was a Hobo and he wanted to call him Barry.

A comic feel?

If I wanted a comic feel, I'd read the comics as opposed to watch animation.


I hope you will make many many Snes house flash movies

that was really funny

great job...i couldn't stop laughing...


That was pretty crappy.

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2.44 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2002
6:12 PM EDT
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