Space Monkey!

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Using a giant rubber band launch the monkey while collecting bananas to buy upgrades. Hit explosive barrels to launch yourself higher! Grab gems, hit barrels, and grab bananas to score points. Beat the game for a 1000 point bonus plus bonus points for each monkey you have left over.

Very addicting and fun for all ages!

Use Mouse to launch

Use Mouse or Arrow keys to steer

Upgrade with bananas


ok 'distance game'

Not bad, but not great either, game play felt like premature.. hurriedly released.


4th place in the entire world! (For another like 10 minutes -_-) I got incredibly high up on my second monkey... I suggest adding directions/instructions that detail what obstacle/items can be picked up. Also, adding in more items would be great :)

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Not bad

Pretty good game, but this is just basically launch the hedgehog with a monkey instead of a hedgehog and with low quality graphics.
Also, the music got annoying after 2 minutes of gameplay. The monkey farts (Lol) are also a bit pricey, as it is only 1 use.
Its funny seeing monkeys being crushed into the ground though. Hehe. 6/10.

was good but

there should have been a effort to make more options or better quality. normaly i wouldnt bitch about it but there's just so many games here with this same concept. would be nice if you could add something differnt in a update. other than that great job.

not bad but.

it's a good game but it needs more options there are other games here at the grounds in wich you do more thing look for the hedgegog.... or something like that.

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3.61 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2011
10:37 PM EST
Skill - Toss