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1 Hour Flash

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EDIT: To avoid more confusions, I must say this doesn't last 1 hour, it was made in an hour.

Maybe not so many people have seen 3 Hour Flash but here it is: A tribute to 3 Hour Flash by BurntFoxProductions.

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I have inspired someone!!
im so happy
great job

Pretty good.

Not the best thing I've ever watched, but it was enjoyable.
Not watching the full hour, f*ck that.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Krywk responds:

lol, it's not an hour. It was MADE in an hour.

Could have been better.

All the time that was spent with white lines over and over at random (which was about 19/20ths of this flash) got really repetitive. You could have put that time into drawing something with substance. It seems like you were just wasting time so that you could burn out the whole audio file. It would have been better for you to make a more visually impressive flash and fade the audio out on your own (since that's how it ends anyway). Even for just an hour this wasn't that impressive really. I've done it before and I know you can accomplish more than this. Congrats on not being blammed though. Use it as motivation to get better.

Krywk responds:

Thanks for CC :D
(By CC I meant Constructive Criticism)


simple but .... effective :P

<Visiting> 'Nuthing' but a CRITIC

Krywk responds:

Thanks :D


Very good! One hour eh? Cool.

The rapid white against the black had an amazing effect in the dark.

Good music too.

Nice work.

Face <(X_X)>

Krywk responds:

Yay this is the first submission in my entire life that didnt get blammed.

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3.05 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2011
6:20 PM EST