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Gear Hero

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Author Comments

This was developed by Smilicx and I. We're currently in production for our 3rd game! We wanted to create a classic RPG with some silly themes. I do hope you enjoy the game, and look out for our 3rd game early next month!


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awesome but bugs ruin it

if there weren't so much bugs id give you a 10 like fix it to where if you reset the browser you dont lose you progress and make it harder to beat. the modifier gets way to high way to high.

Have you played this???

This game is generic and bland, with very few original concepts, and very little to keep it interesting and not repetitive. You've even admitted to re-skinning several characters, which is okay once or twice, but not multiple clones of each enemy. Also, this game is full of bugs. The currency is far too easy to manipulate, especially since there is no punishment for losing a battle, and you still gain money while you do, adding to your interest. This means that you can gain access to all the best equipment only a few battles in as long as you've picked up on this glaring flaw, and you'll have stupidly high stats in everything, meaning all you have to do is hit one button repeatedly. You'll be hearing "Perfect throw" in your dreams soon enough.

There are also other things that make it obvious you haven't played the game very much yourself, such as the fact that raising the magic attack stat doesn't actually do anything. This brings me to the leveling system. I appreciate you tried to do something new and refreshing with a very, very worn genre, but you should've thought it through a bit more. The main problem is that you dress it up as being able to plan a route through whatever you want as long as you think about it, but you can't see more than one battle ahead, meaning you will always just pick whatever looks good at the time. Not to mention that, same with the money, you can still level up over and over while you are losing and replaying battles, and there isn't a definitive cap to this.

Some more serious problems include the glitch that means casting the sandvich spell will result in immediate frustration, as it just loops the TF2 sandwich landing in front of your character with no way to stop the animation, meaning you can no longer play the game without reloading your browser. What this means however, is that the game file will probably erase itself, whether you have just saved or not. I actually just did that, and to be honest, I didn't really care. This game seems to try to stand out, but this is where it really fails. It hasn't got anything new or of interest to it, and isn't going to keep you riveted on the semi-existent story, which is only slightly of interest, and seems as if it was glued on to the game after it was made, which is entirely plausible considering how fleshed out it is.

This game isn't really worth playing for the time it takes to complete it (which is far too long for the content offered), unless it is only to discover whatever I've mentioned above for yourself.

good, but some errors

I loved the humor in this game. the gameplay was solid and easy to learn except for the orbs which takes some time to get used to. and I loved the interest feature in the bank. but there are some weird parts like how the blue soldiers helm says +35 STR and +25 END in the store, but in the armory it says +16 STR and +10 END meaning it would be worse than the knight helm at +22 STR and +10 END, the same thing goes for the tower o' hats. I havent found any other stat inconsistencies yet, but it's certainly something to look for and fix.

This Needs Some MAJOR Work

It is WAY to buggy to play, the game just goes to a white screen at random intervals

i like it

very fun game, kept me interested for quite a while, at least an hour, only thing i didnt really care for was picking out the orbs, there isnt enough free control

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2011
2:48 PM EST