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Insomnia's Resent

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The story of a young boy named Kilik. Convinced One Halloween Night to go to a haunted town with his best friend Seth. This town is rumored to possess anyone who enters it. Will Kilik and Seth manage to survive?


So This is what I've worked on for my animation class a whole semester. It's not the greatest. I know that. But I've realized I'm not ready for BIG animations and I'm okay with it. I will work my way up. This project is missing 2 scenes. I will do them sometime and then post that up as well.

Anyways: I just want to state the problems.

Lousey and not really animated, animations.
The sound quality keeps changing
Backgrounds Suck.

Now that I've got that off my chest.


Voice Acting Talent:
Kilik: Dani Hayes
Seth: NikkiKora
Kilik's Mother- Rhonda: Me
Larry The Butcher: Ryan Jackson
Narrator- Marcus Clorenceil: Michael Nash :iconadamblazer:
Bera Bera: Cho

Investigations: Kevin MacLeod
Right Behind You : Kevin MacLeod
The House of Leaves: Kevin MacLeod
Private Reflection: Kevin MacLeod
Devastation and Revenge: Kevin MacLeod

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obviously an ove-the-top artist in the making :D

i can only mention the sound as something that has to be first priority to improve before moving on to much more advanced things =)


This is some great work, and I can definitely see some room for improvement!
Now onto what I see could use some touch-ups:
For starters, there's the animating of the mouth. It was off, either the movement or the voice acting.
When you have some time to hone your skills, come back to this to touch up on body animations. They were good and fluent, just not good enough.
Another point to mention is background layout; when you did the panorama after Kilik tripped, it looked like everything was 2D, and that the street on the left was coming out of the second floor of the building on the right.
second-last is sound quality. I know you stated that it changes, but try to make it more fluent and synchronized to the body animations.
And lastly, try to incorporate some more shadows to the animation. It'll give it that much more of a dark or scary edge.

I love how the chromatic color blends well with the story, and how only the blood has any real color. DON'T change that bit, it's completely fine the way it is.

If you can manage all of that, I'm sure you'll do fine with any future projects or continuations to what you have going here.

HommicidalPenguinsCo responds:

Alright I'll look more into those things and I'll be really careful when animating. As for backgrounds. I am so truly horrible at them. But I will work on them. :D I will try for next time to get my audio to be more decent. I have others that have volunteered to help me with it.

Thanks I thought that the chromatic color with blood would work. I always loved things like that.

I'm going to try my best and apply everything everyone has told me. I wanted to post it up here and get critiques. So Thank you!~

Not too bad

Yes, this was pretty good. It has room to be fixed up, I say. The art was rather nice, the animation was decent - yet, it could to stand for some improvement; the voice acting wasn't too shabby, but I don't think you really intended for your narrator to stutter, that could be improved, Kilik is listed to have a voice actor, your audio file for him didn't go through - fix that up. You also have an interesting choice of design here.

Over all, nice job, but you got some improving to do.

HommicidalPenguinsCo responds:

On the narrator I did intend for him to stutter. For when I produce later animations for this series he is a character that lives in Heleminst and stutters. Yes somehow Kilik's voice was shifted to only come through one speaker and I didn't realize till it was too late and the audio corrupted itself. :/

I do still have improving, but I have to start somewhere and I wanted to post it up and get some criticism back to help me improve. Thank you for your comment~

Okay for a start

The animation is somewhat good. Your audio is about a couple seconds off however. Some of the voice acting could use some work, the narrator was probably the best. But it's good for the most part.

HommicidalPenguinsCo responds:

Yeah I'll keep an eye out for next time and try to synch them better. The actors were all good, except mine because my actress bailed and I had to fill her in. But the way I put the audio together it turned out not as great. But Thank you. I will be sure to work on it.


This was really good! I loved it!. The story line was great. And the stuttering narrater was unique too. Yeah animation was not that great, like you said. But it was still a great flash. Hope you score well.

HommicidalPenguinsCo responds:

Thank You. I am new to the Animating ways on Flash. But I feel Practice makes perfect? So I'm working on it.