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Drake And The Wizards

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Coin Collector 5 Points

Collect 50 Coins

Starter Level 5 Points

Complete Level 1

Flying Upgrade 10 Points

Get Flying Powerup

New World 25 Points

Complete First World

Dragon Power 50 Points

Collect all Dragon Coins

Author Comments

Join Drake on his adventure to defeat the Dark Wizard. Go through unique levels and thrilling boss encounters, find treasures and antique artifacts that will grant you great power.

Left/Right or A/D = Move
X/L = Jump/Fly/Swim
Z/K = Breathe Fire
Down/S = Dive
Up/W = Enter Door

Make your way to the door at the end of each level to progress through the game!

Hope you like it. =)

We add Badges to the game, hope they get approved. Thanks for your feedback, comments and votes.

Thanks for your vote, we made the 2nd place of the day.


nice game!

This is a very good game, nice job man!
I need a little help: can you tell me in what level I can find the flying powerup?
I think it's in world 3 but I don't find!!!
I have fire at level 3 but fly at level one only :(
Thank you!!!

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At first I thought this was going to be a very easy game just to cut some time, but it wasn't as I expected. The difficulty of last level surprised me a lot, although I managed to beat it in 3rd try.
All in all, I loved the game! Overall it is probably a bit easier than other games of this type, mostly because I didn't have problems finding Dragon coins or other bonuses. But then again, maybe this game wasn't created for people as old as me (20). :P
Keep up the great job! I already visited your website for more games! :D

P. S. There is only one question that I have to ask (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT):
I managed to upgrade the flying skills so that I could fly without getting tired (and skills were upgraded to level 3). I managed to upgrade the fire skills to level 3, too, but I didn't get the skill to fire them as much as I can (without getting tired). So, my question is: is it possible to upgrade the fire skills the same way? If so, can you give me a hint and tell me at what level I can upgrade it?
I would be surprised if I missed it, but still, anything is possible. :)

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lartar responds:

We love that you like the game.

About your question, well... we are going to release a fixed version for next week with some new features, so keep it tuned, and if you made trough the game until final world, you can see new powerups coming. ;)

Nice Game but...

i really find this game very well made nice backgrounds, a good movement and well a nice music (but its a bit repetitive sometimes). but that its ok since the game its a game you going to really enjoy.

I give you 9 because sometimes for example in Eldrim Forest: stage 3 when i try to get the Dragon coin i know i should Fly to get it but the space between the fall and the speed of the fall Cost me 1 life.

but well maybe its my fault and i dont think someone would have that problem. but when i try to get the coin again "a sound bug" happened. i try to get the coin so i jump and fly in time to reach the exact height of the platform but i missed and i was flying near of the edge of the wall of the platform. in some way "i got stuck" flying and the sound of flying keep playing and playing and dont stop even if i finished the level its still hearing the flying sound. also i tried to turn off sound and dont work with this. so right now when i "write" this review its still sounding that "flap" :P. i dont know how to reproduce the bug i just jump try to fly but got stuck near of the platform wall (near of the edge) and i dont know how to record videos :( so i cant try it to do it.

Otherwise the game its really nice Also consider to do the flame attact a bit larger because really sometimes its hard to hit the enemy.

nice job! keep doing good works like this one.

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lartar responds:

I will check for the bug you reported, and i will fixed in the following days. Thank you for your report. About the flame, you can get upgrades after a few levels. In the wolrd 2 you get a first fire upgrade.

Another unresponsive platformer...yawn.

Unresponsive controls hurt ANY platformer, but this one's scale (e.g., your character is so huge relative to the view) that there's barely any margin of error around pits/spikes/enemies. Similarly, that flame attack takes way too much work to hit things with given that you have to get the enemy and dragon level, which is just a pain. Mario jumping mechanic is classic for a reason.

Spend way less money on whatever dope you have doing this gooey art and get a better programming staff.

not bad

i love the hard work you put in to this

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3.92 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2011
8:53 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle
  • Daily 2nd Place January 28, 2011